creating real and beautiful homes

creating real and beautiful homes

Home: The Elements of Look

A timeless fully illustrated classic which aims to break down the decorating process, unleashing your own talents to produce a beautifully curated home.

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I’m Emma, co-founder of , stylist, and author. That’s a lot of hats to wear but when interior design is a life-long obsession, nothing but total immersion will do!

I love to generate ideas with my clients; brainstorming and dreaming until we create a unique vision which can belong only in their home.  I work closely with my clients in a casual and relaxed manner to really draw out what their desires are for their space.

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Before and After Art Deco Reveal

Everyone loves a good before and after transformation and boy do I have a fabulous one for you today! I started working with this client about 9 months ago after she got halfway through the renovation process and decided she needed an extra pair of hands to help get...

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Desk Styling + Giveaway Time

Once upon a time in a previous job I won the “Prettiest Desk Award” for how beautifully styled my desk was. No matter where I’ve worked in my career I’ve always brought in a few little styling elements of my own to jazz up my workspace. Now that I work for myself I...

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Book Publishing FAQs

I'm less than a month out from submitting my next manuscript in to my publisher and I've been sharing some of the journey with my social media followers as I go. Each time I post about the process it brings up a few questions. I answered some of these questions in May...

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