Do Bloggers Base Their Lives Around Their Blog?

Do We Base Our Lives Around Our Blog?

One of the taboos around blogging is that those who run the sites base their lives around it. But do the majority of bloggers really base everything they do and purchase on their blog? Do we worry more about having an Instagram and Pinterest friendly aesthetic as opposed to what we really love and need?


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In all honesty, I do enjoy looking at flat lays. I also enjoy purchasing items that would look good within flat lays. However, it’s also important to me that what I am purchasing is something I genuinely like or will use. Flat lays, or taking photos of anything in general, has made me experiment more with photography. Doing this type of photography exclusively for my blog has taught me different techniques and methods in photo taking and editing.

The same goes for coffee shops, cute restaurants or outdoor cafes. I find that blogging and being Instagram mad has given me the excuse to settle down in with a coffee, order some cake and share it with my followers and blog readers. I tend to find places via other people’s Instagram accounts and go there to experience it for myself. Otherwise, I probably would never have gone there and enjoyed life’s little pleasures. I have discovered a love for certain establishments, streets, foods and more just by wanting to photograph it.


Thanks to Pinterest, many bloggers have discovered a love for rose gold, white walls, grey fur rugs and pastel pink. And that’s no bad thing. When I was younger, I’d use a cut up Argos catalogue to see how different furnishings would look. And Pinterest is like a big collage of inspiration for that.

Having a home you would happily photograph on publish online is positive. It makes people think about how they design their home. But it’s so important to ensure you are doing it for yourself as opposed to just for the internet.

If you’re a fan of dark purple sofas, why order a light grey one for the sake of pretty Instagram photos? Pinterest definitely inspired some of my choices for designing my home but it was more important to me that I would be happy with it all the time. For example, I have a marble coffee table and I have only taken a photo of it once. And yet marble is one of the biggest interior trends amongst bloggers. But I didn’t get it for that. I got it because it’s beautiful and the dogs can’t chew through it (the dining table!)


Niagara Falls

Within a month, I think about five bloggers I follow went to the Maldives and/or Santorini. Did they go there because it’s a beautiful backdrop for outfit photos? Because the blue and white really set off their Instagram theme?

I doubt it!

The reality is that the lifestyle in which these destinations have suits those travelling there.

The bloggers I follow who visited these beautiful destinations are those who enjoy sun, sea, sand and infinity pools. So it’s not exactly like it’s a bizarre location for them to visit.

Bloggers have inspired me to travel to a variety of destinations as they have created a new perspective of the place with their travel guides and wonderful photography. So, if they have gone there for their blog I thank them for inspiring me.


Not every blogger buys from LUSH, enjoys pumpkin spice lattes or is obsessed with pretty front doors. But many have found that our blog has pushed us into trying out new things, eating in new places and discovering cities we’d never heard of.

Bloggers are there to inspire. Yes, some live a life we can’t all achieve. A Chanel handbag isn’t for everyone. But living a life around our blog isn’t entirely a bad thing. We can escape our comfort zone and test new waters and see what else we can achieve. As long as you enjoy it and do it for you there’s no wrong in it.

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  • Reply Tereza December 28, 2016 at 1:42 pm

    This is such a lovely post – I’ve honestly enjoyed reading every bit of it! It’s so important for people to realise that A) blogging can be a full time job and B) it doesn’t mean you’re hiding away in your PJs all day every day. It’s exciting and it makes us very happy! Why else would we be doing it!:) x

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