Navy Candle Alert!


I was sent one of these pillar candles last week from . I’m usually a candle in a jar kind of girl so I wasn’t so sure about this relatively new kid on the block at first. But he’s growing on me and I’m quite fond of the light they give off is very pretty and quite different to the usual glass candle glow it comes in navy! My all time favourite colour….

Are you a pillar candle fan or glass jar candle devotee?

Emma x

Retail Re-Design

I’m working on a few retail store re-designs lately and I’m rather enjoying it! I usually only work on residential projects but I did study marketing and merchandising at Uni and have worked in visual merchandising in the past so I’m enjoying getting back into it. Here’s a little peek at the to-do list I’ll be sending off to a retail client very soon. She’s ready to roll up her sleeves and get things done to turn around her store and I can’t wait to see the finished result. Love a client that’s itching to get started & put in the required hard work…I can only do so much!


To-Do Lists Are Fun!

It’s amazing how someone else entering your store can provide so many ideas you may not have thought of, a new set of eyes brings a whole different perspective and sometimes it’s only tiny changes that have the biggest impact.

If you’d like help re-designing your retail store shoot me an email for more information.

Emma x

Nursery Workshop Saturday 29th March

I’ve teamed up with Sonya from  to bring you the first of hopefully many  in Sydney on Saturday 29th of March.

We are hosting a two hour workshop where we’ll share our styling knowledge, giving you all the advice you need for selecting non-toxic items for the nursery, how to lay the room out correctly, and we’ll help you create a mood board full of inspiration to give you the confidence to go home and create a safe sanctuary for your new bub.. Oh and you’ll leave with a fabulous goodie bag!

Location: 593 Botany Road, Alexandria
Date: Saturday 29th March
Time: 2-4pm
Drinks and snacks provided.

Tickets are limited as we want to be able to spend as much one on one time with you as possible so book in as soon as you can to secure your spot.

For more workshop information and ticket purchasing click .

Emma x

Retro Jan Sale

Retro Jan Sale Now On

Retro Jan Sale Now On

If you haven’t already heard of , I highly recommend you check them out. I use a lot of their pieces in client homes – they are affordable and on trend. They have a sale on now too where you’ll find 40% off ottomans, outdoor dining chairs for less than $80, side tables under $200 and TV Units under $500! Bargain central.

Emma x

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

 –  –  –  – 

It still feels like the year has only just begun but Valentine’s Day is creeping up ever so quickly! Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one and if yes, what are you hoping for this year?

Emma x

How To: Refresh Your Sofa

New Cushions = Instant Facelift

New Cushions = Instant Facelift

Cushions above are available from

1. More is More – in my book, the less is more rule can never apply to cushions so pile them high!

2. Matchy Matchy No No – live a little and try mixing patterns. Keep one colour consistent in the patterns but mix it up with small scale prints and large bold patterns.

3. Texture is Everything – layer different textures for an instant luxurious feel. Linen with velvet is my favourite mix.

What’s your favourite brand of cushions?

Emma x

E-Look Project: Study

I haven’t shared any e-decorating mood boards in a while… Naughty me! Here’s one I finished a little while ago for a client in rural NSW who wanted to spruce up the study space she had carved out in her kitchen living area. I’m rather fond of it myself!

E-Look Mood Board

E-Look Mood Board

If you’d like help putting your home together, I can help no matter where you’d located in Australia. Email me to see how I can help.

Emma x

Armadillo & Co 2014 Range


Armadillo & Co Designer Collection 2014

The new Designer Collection from rug supplier  has just been launched. The stunning range is available only through decorators and designers and features 51 colours to choose from in a variety of patterns so you can custom make a rug to suit your home. Such a brilliant idea!

Armadillo & Co Flatweave Wool Rug

Armadillo & Co Flatweave Wool Rug


Armadillo & Co Kids Range 2014

If you could custom design your own rug what would you dream up?

If you’d like pricing information please email me for further details.

Emma x


How to: do a trip to the flower markets…

Sydney Flower Markets

Sydney Flower Markets

Last week I took two friends to the in Flemington. It was their first visit and quite a fun experience for them, it got me thinking though that you really do need to be prepared for an early morning visit to the flower markets and thought I’d share my top tips.

1. Arrive Early – the markets open at 5am and if you want the good stuff you need to be there as close to 5 as possible.

2. Parking Sucks – parking is pretty ridiculous and there are forklifts fanging around the carpark without looking where they are going. Stalk people back to their cars if you have to! (Yes, it’s like going shopping on Christmas Eve… I’ve warned you!)

3. Cash is King – If you pay cash you’re more likely to get a discount if bulk buying flowers and not all offer credit card facilities. Also it’s a $10 entry fee to get into the markets so make sure you have cash ready when you drive in the gates.

4. Storage Tubs – if you’re planning to buy more than a few bunches (if you’re getting up before dawn, you better make it worth your while) you’ll need something to carry the flowers in. The car park is a 3 story car park so you can’t duck back and forth to drop the flowers off. I take with me but a trolley would be handy.

5. Opening Times – the markets are only worth visiting Mon-Wed-Fri. Tuesday & Thursday they are open but you’ll get less than a quarter of the offering.

6. Have Fun – it’s all go-go-go once you walk in the gate but I always really enjoy wandering around, you’ll get pushed and shoved a bit as people walk down the aisles with trolleys and buckets of flowers but the array of amazing flowers you’ll find there that you don’t see in florists at your local shops makes the early start worth it. I highly recommend a trip to the flower markets!

Flower Market Goodies

Flower Market Goodies

Have you got any other tips to add? I would love to hear them!

Emma x

Nursery Workshops


Image by Nina Claire Photography for Olliella. Styled by me.

Planning is well and truly underway to get the first Eco-Nursery Workshop up and running with Sonya from EcoLuxe.

We’re planning an afternoon of nursery styling, advice on selecting non-toxic items for the nursery and great discounts to help you set up your nursery. If you are interested in attending (Sydney only for now) or know anyone who you think would love to come along, please fill in the form via this link or pass on this link about the nursery workshops so they can be added to the notification list when we launch the first workshop.

I’m so excited to put this workshop together, nurseries are possibly my favourite room in the house to decorate – so fun and everything is so miniature!

Emma x



Christmas Table Styling

Happy New Year! That summer break totally flew past didn’t it?!

Christmas Table Styling

Christmas Table Styling

Here’s a look at my Christmas table styling, I tried to use all Australian native flowers like I mentioned in my Christmas Inspiration post (okay, there’s a few that aren’t) and mixed it with found objects. My Christmas table to do list was as follows:

1.  VASES: Spray painted a few old jam jars white and gold (works best because you don’t have to prime and one coat is usually enough). In some vases I used cinnamon scented tea lights and others I filled with flowers.

2. WREATHS: I snipped some Rosemary from the veggie patch and tied some string around the ends to make a pretty wreath

3. PLACE SETTINGS: I used pinecones that I’ve been collecting over the years as the place card holders, cut some brown paper into little flags, wrote each name on the paper and the pinecone held the paper in place. Volia!

4. FLOWER ARRANGING: I popped into my local florist on Christmas Eve and bought Celosia, Christmas Bush and Flowering Gum, then on Christmas Day arranged them all in the jam jars I’d spray painted the day before.


Ta-Da! Christmas Table


Gorgeous floral arrangement

It was all relatively easy  to set up and put together and it looked great for about 15 minutes before the food was served and the feeding frenzy began!

What did you end up doing for your Christmas table?

Emma x

Christmas Wishes

Nest - Christmas Graphics jpeg

Wherever you’re celebrating this year, I hope it’s fabulous!

I will be on holidays until Jan 8th, all enquiries will be responded to when I return.

Merry Christmas!

Emma x

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