Melbourne Round Up

I’m back from a design filled weekend away in Melbourne. Last time I visited I was there for only 48 hours to visit the trade fairs and didn’t even get time to shop! This time I flew down on Friday afternoon and shopped, ate, drank and talked design all weekend long with fellow interior designer Marj Silva of Decor Project (website coming soon). It was loads of fun, I met Lucy from  at the . Lucy had done an awesome job, there was so much to look at and the house it was all set up in was absolutely awesome. Marj and I spent quite a while looking at everything in detail and had a great chat with Lucy’s mum who was helping out for the event, she was such a sweetheart!

We also visited Cool House and a market called the made entirely of shipping containers! Here’s a photo round up of the weekend…


I can’t wait to go back again soon.

Emma x

Gizoogle Yo Self

Someone told me today about , a parody Google website. I googled myself and fits of laughter ensued! Have a read , it’s hilarious!!


Emma x

The Design Files Open House

This weekend I’m heading down to Melbourne for  . Lucy has transformed a home in Windsor in Melbourne and pretty much everything you see in the home will be for sale. Hello perfect retail store!!! I will be posting pics on Instagram (@nest_designs), & . If anyone is coming along please let me know, would love to meet you!

Emma x

Australian Christmas Wreath

If I wasn’t going to be up the coast for Christmas I would be trying my hand at this wreath. Isn’t it just stunning?!!!! Quintessential Australian Christmas don’t you think?

image via Pinterest

Emma x

This or That?

Which would you prefer in your home?

Emma x

Bronte/Coogee Homewares Tour

Yesterday, Jen and I went to meet Melissa from The Design Hunter in Bronte. What a stunning store. Both Jen and I agreed we could just move straight in. It was so clear Melissa’s selections throughout the store meant a lot to her and everything had been carefully hand picked. I wanted to stay all day!

The Design Hunter

While we were in the area we decided to pop into in Coogee, neither of us had ever been before despite wanting to for a long time! It didn’t disappoint, it’s full of gorgeous goodies sourced from all over the place! So if you’re in the Bronte/Coogee area I recommend you stop by both of these stores.

Emma x

Style To Sell Tips

Last Friday my top 5 styling to sell tips were published in the (local Sydney newspaper). It was pouring with rain that day so it’s a rather soggy scan of the article!

 If you’re looking to sell and need some help getting your home up to scratch me here for help.

Emma x

Glasslands Terrariums

A little while back I blogged about …One Saturday I opened my letterbox and found this beauty waiting for me from Fiona at Glasslands. It’s obvious how much love has been poured into this little guy, there’s so many things hiding in the bowl, rocks, moss, dirt etc. all to keep the pretty plants happy. He makes for a nice desk accessory don’t you think!?

Emma x

MindFOOD article

A few weeks ago I was interviewed for a story in magazine about being made redundant and how I coped. A few years ago I was working for an interior designer and 9 months into the job was made redundant and how I started Nest Designs. I’ve included the text below because the article comes out quite small!





“I was working for an interior designer who had to make my job redundant after nine months. It was a week before Christmas, and I thought, ‘Oh, right. Now what?’ Trying to find a job over Christmas, then the January holidays, was pretty much impossible. It was really poor timing and scary.

However, I also felt relieved, because I’d reached the point in the job where I was starting to wonder what my career progression would be.

I still lived at home, so was lucky in that regard, and I decided I would travel. When I came back, I really wanted to start my own business.

Finding clients was the biggest challenge I had building my own business. I had no trouble setting up the website, and using social media … but then it was just a matter of waiting. I mainly stuck to online advertising, and using Twitter and Facebook, to get my name out there.

Social media has worked an absolute treat; it’s amazing. I don’t really pay for advertising anymore because I just use my social media networks. I can get clients simply by posting a photo on Instagram. Ten years ago this would not have been possible. I would have just had to have waited until I got a new job.

The important thing is to not lose hope, because there is always going to be something, even if it’s a job in a cafe down the road. I had friends who finished uni the same time as me and had taken jobs in retail just because there was nothing else on offer.

I did a short course in business planning, as it was important for me to use the time wisely after I was made redundant, and not just sit around moping. You just need to get out there and do something.”

Nest Designs Pop-Up Best Sellers

Well the pop-up shop has only been open a few days and already some of the goodies are sold out! (And I’m a bit annoyed I didn’t put some things aside for myself!). These are the top sellers so far – the ,   & .

Click to shop here

Emma x

Institute of Home Staging Course

International Institute of Home Staging (IIHS) offers the first and only online Australian home staging and property styling courses.. I’ve been privileged enough to take a peek at the course before it was offered online and I can confirm it’s an in-depth, easy to follow, exciting course for anyone interested in making a career move into property styling (home staging).

Property styling is one of my favourite services I offer, I’m all about the quick fix, it’s such a satisfying task to undertake. I can walk into a home and leave within 1-3 hours having totally rearranged the whole house and styled it in a way that will make it attractive to potential buyers. It’s truly amazing how much difference you can make from just switching the position of the sofas or adding some soft furnishings to the room to soft the look. If you want to learn the art of styling and staging to sell this is the course for you.

Founder, Naomi Findlay is an experienced professional home stager (), and she knows a thing or two about styling homes for sale! This course has been written by Naomi and draws on her years of experience in the home staging world, you will definitely learn from the best in the business!

You can register your interest in the course  (and receive a free gift!).

Emma x




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