Mentor Program For 2019

My mentor program is back for 2019 and due to a number of requests, I’ve moved the intake back to 7th March (from 7th Feb). The start of a new year is hectic enough and a few of my students have asked if it can be moved back so that the kids are settled back in school and you’ve had enough time to get your ducks in a row and ready to learn again.

This is a 4 week transformational program designed to get your interiors business running smoothly allowing you to focus more time on securing the right kind of clients and doing the work you love – designing rooms, not running spreadsheets!

The program requires you to commit to a one hour video call every Thursday at 10am (you can watch the rerun if you can’t make it live) and about an hour and 30 minutes of reading on top of this per week. Think about how much Instagram time you can find in a week…. It’s really not that much of an imposition on your business but you’ll be shocked at how much further ahead it will get you.

One of the most common remarks from my previous students is how amazed they are at what they manage to achieve in a month with a little bit of accountability. Running a solo biz is hard work but it’s also pretty easy to slack off if no one’s asking you what you’ve achieved for the day or around to micro manage you and your to-do list. So come armed to the program with a list of things you want to achieve and see how quickly you knock them off your to do list once you find the time to dedicate to your business.

Four Week Program

Each Thursday I release the week’s topic (see below framework) and you watch me live via video link as I talk you through the week’s topic in detail. There’s plenty of question and answer time and because I keep the group small it allows me to get to know each of your businesses and I tailor the week’s content to suit you all.

What do we cover?

WEEK ONE: Why Are you Even In Business?!

Let’s work out what fuels you to get up and do what you do each day. Who’s your ideal client?

WEEK TWO: Branding Your Creative Business

What your graphics design says about your business, why you need professional branding and how to work with a designer without getting ripped off.

WEEK THREE: Marketing Your Creative Business

How to sell your services without feeling icky, How to convert leads into paying clients + Social Media Marketing

WEEK FOUR: Pricing Your Creative Services

Pricing packages to keep you employed! Yay!

One on One Call

At the end of the course we have a one on one call to run through any further issues concerning you in business and work on an action plan to get you all fired up and ready to smash it in business. The 60 minute call allows us to run through any key insights that came up for you during the program and how you can gain fundamental skills to conquer your business dreams for 2019.

Unlimited Support

Throughout the program and beyond you have access to a private Facebook group where you can network with the other creative students in the group. I’ve had many students tell me this is one of their favourite aspects of the program as they realised they weren’t the only ones struggling with the same problems and have actually gone on to make friends in real life! How cool is that?! I am in the Facebook group encouraging you to share and answering any of your questions throughout the program too so there’s plenty of support all round.

Program costs $850. Or three monthly instalments of $295.

Does the price of the program trigger anything for you? I used to have some resistance around spending on furthering my education or business knowledge but quickly came to realise that if I stopped investing in myself and my knowledge my business would suffer. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on eCourses, coaches and mentor programs and have found much of this to be even more beneficial than my university degree. So ask yourself if you’re prepared to invest in the future of your business and do you value the importance of further education enough to invest in yourself right now?

So, what are you waiting for? !

Emma x 

2019 Means Business

Happy New Year!

The start of a new year always excites me, the possibility of what lies ahead in business and the adventures you’ll go on and the dreams you’ll fulfil…

I’m approaching 2019 a little differently. I need to streamline and simplify the way I’m doing things in order to keep creating more amazing content, stock my book on shelves around the world, teach my mentor students, and of course servicing my decorating clients as best I can.

So, here’s my business plan for 2019… 


I’ve run the eCourse at specific times of the year for a while now and get a lot of you asking if it can be purchased outside of those times. So I’ve decided to open up Decorate with Intention all year round. I will run live events during the year where I run the 6 week eCourse with you week to week and you can join in when you like but this way means if you are starting a reno you can access the eCourse any time of the year to suit your schedule.If getting the house in order is on your 2019 to do list, head over to the website and use the code NEWYEARNEWHOME for $50 off the eCourse.


This is one of my favourite services to offer.. Watching my mentor students over the course of four weeks and the changes they make to their businesses is amazing. It might only be a month but carving out that time to take action (and be accountable to someone) is necessary for growth.

We’re kicking off the 2019 program on Thursday 7th Feb. There are VERY limited spots because I like to keep the group small enough so everyone gets enough time and energy from me.

If you’d like to know more about the program click here.

Here’s what some previous students have said about the program:

What are you waiting for? Invest in your business (it’s tax deductible anyway). Sign up to the mentor program now.

Keeping House

And last but definitely not least, my new baby, Keeping House hits bookshelves around Australia on 1st March. I haven’t shared any of the inside pages just yet but I’m too excited to wait til March to tell you that I’ve become a cartoon character!!! Yippee!! And I appear several times throughout the book with my dog Alfie the schnauzer… Look how cute my rosy cheeks are!! This book has a much more personal approach to decorating than Home did and I can’t wait to share it with you all.

You can pre-order a signed copy of the book here. (Note, all orders will be shipped from 1st March. There’s only a limited number of signed books too and I expect they’ll sell out prior to March.)

That’s about all my news for now, thanks for sticking with me through all of the above!!

Emma x

Business Game Changers

It’s coming up to 8 years since I started my interior decorating business and when a business birthday approaches I always think back to those early days and reminisce on firstly how naive I was starting a business aged 24 and secondly how I could never have guessed what kind of adventures that business would take me on.

There are a few things I do see as game changers or transformational for the business so I thought I’d share some of them here with you today.


I can be quite shy around new people so when I first started networking I always made sure I took a friend along with me so I didn’t have to try and think of small talk topics with a bunch of strangers. Now I’m generally okay to attend networking events on my own but if you’re starting out, grab a business buddy and take them with you to ease your nerves.

Networking changed so much for my business. It opened my eyes to other business industries and entrepreneurs and gave me insights into how they ran their businesses. It’s hard not to compare yourself to others at networking events, just make sure you don’t beat yourself up about the way you’ve done things compared to them, everyone’s journey is different (not necessarily better, just different).

Being able to gain insight into how others run their businesses helped guide me with my business decision making. It also gave me access to other people who were very willing to share their experiences and advice which helped immensely when I faced challenging moments in business. It was also a nice chance to catch up with people who ‘got it’ in terms of what it takes to run a business, regardless of the industry they are in.

So why am I telling you to get out and network? Opening myself up to other business owners and industries has lead to so many client opportunities. Once you expand your network and people get to know you and your business they’ll start referring friends, family members or business opportunities to you because they’ve seen how you operate and they respect your work. It’s a form of word of mouth really!

Not sure how to start networking? Research your local government’s networking opportunities. NSW’s list is . Join Facebook groups like this  (I’m a founding member of this one and have made SO many friends from it) or this (I created this group and we share a tonne of useful info for the design industry). Consider posting up asking for people in your area to meet for coffee (small scale networking is JUST as powerful!). And lastly, attend trade fairs, they often have a welcome drinks night on the first day of the fairs which is the perfect opportunity to meet people in your industry.


I’m an avid reader (and considering I’ve written two books now I guess you can say I’m also an avid writer….!). I do wish I had more time to read more books and I probably would have more time if I stopped scrolling through Instagram every night… maybe that should be a new years resolution…?! I’ve read more business books than I’d care to admit, here’s a list of some of the best ones I’ve come across. I’ve implemented so many things from each of these books in my business and often go back and re-read these books to jog my memory.

Teaching + Mentoring

Unlike networking, coaching and mentoring will generally cost you some money but let me tell you…. It’s some of the best money I’ve spent. I’m a firm believer in continuing my education beyond my university days because you really can’t ever know enough and there are other people out there with the skills you need!

I’ve worked with a number of coaches in the 8 years I’ve been in business and have participated in a number of online group courses and can’t recommend them highly enough. A group program allows you to learn from others (it’s amazing how many of them all have similar struggles to you) and also gives you the chance to network with them. I’ve even made a few friends from these programs!

Having participated in a number of mentor programs I saw the benefits first hand of the power of communicating in a group and the collective knowledge of a group in a learning environment which prompted me to start my own mentor program. I’ve run it for 12 months now and have opened up my next in take for 2019 starting Thursday 7th Feb. Last year I worked with 20 mentor students all over Australia and watched as they came to the first class with a million worries and questions and then walked away at the end of the 4 week program with their confidence levels boosted and an action plan to follow over the next few months to keep them on track. Each of them have gone on to achieve their own successes and I couldn’t be prouder.

Here’s what a few of them had to say about the program last year:

“I met Emma at one of the workshops she runs. She was so inspiring for someone who was a little tentative about starting out in the world of interior styling and design. I decided to then join her Business of Look Mentor Program and it was the best decision I could have made to start my interior styling business. Having Emma’s knowledge and advice guiding me through the process was priceless and I can’t thank her enough for helping me to realise my dream of starting something that brings me so much joy!”  – Alison – Alison Jane Styling

“In my business I believe in learning from the best and Emma definitely falls into that category. During our one hour call she answered some burning questions, gave me a few ‘aha’ moments and managed to help me avoid some costly mistakes. Highly recommend.” – Amanda –

You can read more about the program here and enrol. I’m only accepting a small number of students this year so if you’re interested I’d suggest you sign up sooner rather than later.

I’d love to hear what’s been a game changer for you in business, shoot me an email to tell me! [email protected]

Emma x


Enrol now in my mentor program by clicking here.

Intern Needed

Are you our next intern?!

We’re looking for someone to come on board for a 1-2 day a week internship for 3 months assisting in the lead up and launch of my second book, Keeping House, decorating project assistance and general styling assistance. This is very much an admin based role with occasional on site assistance required but predominantly you will be working with me in the office.

This is a fabulous opportunity for an interior design student to get hands on practical experience on the job and see the ins and outs of a boutique interior decorating business. You will work on executing key marketing strategies, selecting and ordering product samples, documenting design projects, creating social media content and many more tasks. You may even find yourself blowing up a hundred balloons in a day too… It’s a very varied role we can promise you that!

This internship is unpaid however ideally the right candidate would go on to become a part time member of the team. Of course any costs incurred during your internship will be reimbursed.

Experience preferred but not essential. Experience with Mail Chimp and Canva favourable.

Immediate start.

Location of job: Monday’s in Darlinghurst, other hours can be completed at your home in your own time where possible.

Contact [email protected] with your resume and any examples of your design work.

Emma x

2018 In Review

2018 was a funny one.. It started very differently to how it finished. I had grand ideas at the start of the year about how things would work out and as the saying goes… “the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry”. I am an avid to-do list writer and planner so nothing pleases me more than when all of my plans and goals work out how I planned. I’m slowly learning that sometimes you have to let things run their course (even if that’s a painful road to take) however, they can work out even better than you’d imagined. I also moved house this year to Sydney’s inner west, if you’d told me that in January I would have told you I’d never leave the North Shore… best laid plans right…!!

One of the biggest changes to business this year was the closing of The Look School (of which I was a co-founder). The business was founded in 2015 and successfully taught hundreds of students but after a few years in business things needed to change and that meant reimagining my dreams for eLearning and creating new content under my own branding.

So as the year comes to a close I thought I’d write up a little summary of some of the most memorable moments so here goes…!

Client Love

This year was my 7th year in business and as always I’m so grateful for the lovely clients who enter my life each year and allow me to work magic on their most precious spaces and havens. I work on projects from designing family homes on Sydney’s north shore (the bulk of my business), through to styling dinner tables for huge media launches. This year in particular I’ve had the pleasure of working with some wonderful clients who trust me implicitly to bring their homes to life. I’ve also been fortunate to work with some top name brands on event styling jobs such as AMP, The Athlete’s Foot and Ferrari (more on that one next year…!!)

Giving Back

One of the things on my to-do list for 2018 was to find a way to give back to those less fortunate so it was lovely to be involved in the makeover of Sydney women’s refuge Lou’s Place to make their common room and healing room more pleasurable for women in need. I also worked with The Royal Flying Doctor’s on their Flick us a Flynn campaign to raise money for much needed emergency medical services in rural and regional Australia. I’m thrilled to be coming back on board in 2019 to help again.

Speaking Opportunities

I’m not the biggest fan of public speaking but 2018 has seen me speaking to more and more audiences all over Australia so I guess I can’t avoid that one! I flew to Melbourne twice to work with and speak to their grads about the benefits of Instagram and visited  to speak to their team about popular design trends. I also taught a number of workshops through for mum’s wanting to learn more about decorating whilst in house nannies took care of the kiddies.


My eCourse Decorate with Intention was born mid year and will continue to run in 2019. Stay tuned for more details!

Mentor Programs

I also taught a mentor program twice in 2018, guiding 20 students through the process of starting a creative business. I absolutely love teaching these programs and often wonder if I’m getting more out of it by giving back after years of blinding fumbling in the dark to get my business off the ground than the students do. But the feedback after each program is SO positive and each and every one of the students have gone on to create their websites, price their services and lock in their first PAYING clients and that makes me SO happy!

Book Love

And last but not least, it was a big year on the book front with HOME launching into the US market in Feb. I started writing my second book in January, had the manuscript submitted by May and the VERY first copy arrived on my doorstep last week. will be launching in to bookstores on March 1st 2019 which I’m absolutely dying to come sooner so I can share it with you all!! It’s a very different book to Home and I think you’re going to love it…

What’s ahead for 2019?

I generally only plan in quarters and do this with my publicist at the start of each new quarter because things change so rapidly from month to month and we like to be able to adapt and change to demand. So my first goal for early 2019 is to get Keeping House launched. I’m in full planning mode for the book party (all ideas welcome!). I’m also going to run the first mentor program for 2019 in February. I have just opened up enrolments and look forward to teaching a whole new batch of students. If you’re interested you can sign up here.

I’ll share a lot more early in the new year about I promise but for now I need to go and lie on the beach in Byron Bay and plan world domination from my beach towel….

I’m back at it from Monday 7th Jan and am only taking on a handful more clients because of the book launch in March so if you’re thinking about working with me to decorate your home, learn about starting a decorating business or to style us here and we will get back to you with all the details.

See you all refreshed and ready for action in 2019!

Emma x




Ever wonder what would happen if you threw out all your furniture and started from scratch?

This couple did just that and with the helping hand of my decorating eCourse they were able to bring to life something spectacular! After receiving the keys to their beautiful new terrace house, this young couple was filled with excitement, until the overwhelm of decorating started to creep in.

They wanted to achieve a nice fresh look without doing too many updates to the fixtures and fittings already within the home. So they started by repainting and then followed each module one by one in my eCourse until their look was complete.

Are you ready to see the makeover?



Discover what you could create in your home once you learn the principles of decorating just like this couple did in my . Enrol now before we kick start on Monday, 22nd October and get ready for a fun journey as we delve deep and create your dream home together.


The decorating journey can be daunting, whether you’re a new homeowner, renovator or first-time renter staring as a blank canvas. The idea of furnishing your new abode can be one filled with butterflies of excitement and complete overwhelm. So much can go right, yet so much can go wrong, which is why I’ve uncovered a few beliefs that could be stopping your decorating project from being finished.

BELIEF #1: You and your partner never agree on the interiors of your home

We’re all aware of what happens when you go to IKEA! You might adore one look, while your partner is set on the total opposite. It happens and I see it all the time with clients. So a few handy tips I keep up my sleeve to solve this issue is to make a mood board of looks you both love. Then from there you may be able to see a few similar elements and you can combine these to create a home you both love to live in.

If you’re still stuck then hiring an interior designer to run their detailed eye over your ideas will be the best solution. This will save you plenty of sleepless nights, arguments and will stop you from breaking the bank purchasing the wrong items for your home.

BELIEF #2: You can’t afford an interior designer

This belief usually comes in after the first one and it’s something I think Hollywood movies has made us all believe. You see the chic interior designer swan in with her team to decorate a luxury mansion and you think that’s something only celebrities can afford.

The whole reason I started my business was to make interior design affordable and accessible to homemakers just like you. To help you decide if hiring an interior designer is right for you, I’ve included everything you need to know, along with my pricing here.

The beauty of working with an interior designer is that they will be able to help you streamline the process of decorating, while giving you access to their little black book of industry s at trade discounts – saving you time and money!

BELIEF #3: You have to decorate your entire home at the same time

Like anything good in life, decorating your home takes time and consideration. Don’t feel like you have to do it all in one go. Start room by room, and add pieces you find that really resonate with you. Your interior designer will help you establish a palette of colours, along with a look and feel so you always have a clear idea of what you’re working with.

BELIEF #4: You have to spend big to have a magazine-worthy home

Places like Kmart, IKEA, or even Target now have amazing, stylish options that won’t break the bank. It’s all about finding the balance between spending on timeless, classic pieces you will always have with you and the more affordable options that you’re happy to rotate over the years. Do your research on what types of pieces you like, or better yet discuss with your interior designer what you can fit in your budget. Remember, there’s always a solution!

BELIEF #5: You don’t have enough space to achieve the look you want.

This is one I see renters and Airbnb owners get stuck on all the time. It’s a simple solution and is all about the layout of your room, along with the furniture you choose. Set out your floor plan before you start furnishing and you’ll save a great deal of tears and frustration from coming home with a questionably sized lounge or rug.

When styling a smaller space your main goal is to create the illusion of a larger space. This can be achieved through thoughtfully placed mirrors, furniture which sits above the floor, round dining or coffee tables and even scent can play a major role in making your space feel more open.

I hope these tips helped you solve some decorating dilemmas you’re currently facing and if you’re reading this then I have a slight inkling that my Decorate with Intention 6-week eCourse valued at just $297 might be perfect for you. We get started on 22nd October 2018 and will have your decorating projects finished by Christmas!



I bet that each of us has probably made one of these decorating mistakes at some point in our lives. Which is why I’ve pulled together a list of the top five decorating mistakes I see far too often in peoples homes and I’ve even shared my tips on how to fix them.

MISTAKE #1: No well thought out floor plan

Taking a bird’s eye view of the room you’re designing will help you make informed decisions on the furniture you need and the layout that will be most suitable to the room. Consider the placement of your furniture beforehand and design your floor plan to create the perfect layout for furniture. This will help ensure you create a room which allows you to walk freely through it, without having any odd furniture pieces in your way.

MISTAKE #2: A rug which is way too small

This mistake is one I see homemakers get stuck on all the time. I always recommend having the front feet of large furniture sitting on the rug to ensure it’s the right size for the room. If you feel a little unsure still then simply zone the space where you would like to place the rug with newspaper and measure around. My number one rule with rugs is to go as big as you can afford to go.

MISTAKE #3: Lack of storage

Out of sight, out of mind. If your stuff is all over the place, it’s going to show. Nothing says clutter like papers strewn over there, a pile of boxes down here, shoes and coats wrestling out in the entrance. Make the most of your Spring cleaning and invest in a few storage solutions to declutter your space. There are plenty of affordable options out there from furniture with storage underneath to glass jars for the pantry and boxes to store shoes or toys under the bed. Multi-functional furniture pieces are also a great way to help curb the clutter, opt for a coffee table with drawers or shelves underneath to house some extra bits and pieces. Go for a buffet or sideboard for your entertainment unit to get some additional height for storage and ensure your bookshelf has doors on it so you can hide away anything you don’t want on display.

MISTAKE #4: No clear interior design theme

I totally get it, with so many styles out there and an overload of options from Pinterest, choosing your interior design theme can be hard work. I always like to start with your colour palette, which should consist of 3-4 colours to style throughout your home. Next, create a mood board of styles you like and you may begin to see a common theme throughout which will help you narrow in on the interior design theme for your home.  

MISTAKE #5: Pretty but not practical

When decorating your home think about the practical needs of you and your family. Do you have young children and need a lounge with a durable but comfortable fabric? Do you work from home and need a study nook to focus? By thinking about these key elements first you will be able to decorate your home with confidence and as a result, create a happy home which everyone loves to live in. 

My Decorate With Intention 6-week eCourse starts on 22nd October 2018. So if you’ve been thinking about enrolling and learning all the decorating essentials you need to create a happy and beautifully designed home by Christmas then sign up now!



My eCourse is finally here! The long-awaited  eCourse is open for Early Bird enrolment and to celebrate I’m giving away a special bonus offer to the FIRST FIVE people to sign up to the eCourse.

If you’re quick enough to be in the first five then you will receive a FREE skype consult with me to talk about your specific decorating issues. We’ll go right through your decorating project and you’ll walk away with inspiring new ways to bring your magazine worthy home to life!

Plus, because I’m feeling extra generous, everyone who signs up this week will be mailed a FREE copy of my book and you can use the code “EARLYBIRD” to save $50 off the eCourse (You’re welcome).

This eCourse is perfect for you if you want to…..

  • Hone your decorating skills
  • Learn the basic principles around decorating and styling
  • Confidently shop for furniture without losing your mind
  • Work with trades without feeling out of your depths.
  • Unleash your full decorating potential

I’m spilling all my secrets from years in the decorating industry to give you the tricks of the trade you need to decorate your home like an expert. Want a peek at the course structure? Take a look below:

Module One: The Look Principles + Setting Goals

Module Two: Key Furniture Pieces + Storage 101

Module Three: Lounge Rooms + Floor Planning For Success

Module Four: Dining Rooms + Colour 101

Module Five: Nailing the Purchase Process

Module Six: Bringing It All Together

It doesn’t stop there as I’ve also included loads of bonuses! You will gain access to PDF downloads, worksheets, videos, templates, our private Facebook group, resource lists to know where to shop and so much more!

So what are you waiting for? Click to enrol with code EARLYBIRD for $50 off now.

Emma x


I’ve JUST hit go on my Decorate with Intention eCourse and there are a few common myths I’ve been hearing about eCourses which I thought would be perfect to bring into the open and bust!

Let’s get down to business to give you the clarity you’ve been looking for. So that you can find the perfect eCourse to help you decorate your home.

MYTH #1: You need to dedicate a tonne of hours into doing an eCourse

Just like you, I lead a pretty busy lifestyle. So when designing my Decorate with Intention eCourse the amount of time it took to complete each module was top of mind. I’ve made sure that you will be able to get through all your content for the week in 2 – 3 hours while still having time to do the things you love.

MYTH #2: Doing an eCourse is a big investment

My aim is to empower and educate as many homemakers as possible on decorating their dream home. So I’ve made my Decorate with Intention eCourse super affordable for everyone!

The investment for my Decorate with Intention eCourse is $297 or you can select my easy payment plan option of 3x $110 payments paid monthly over three months.

MYTH #3: You don’t know what you’re getting until you sign up

I want to help you decorate and learn with confidence. Which is why I’ve included a detailed outline of everything we will be covering in each module over six weeks right here. I’ve also included details on all the bonuses you will receive, so much more. Then if you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to where I’ll update you on all the key details to get you excited about your new decorating journey.

MYTH #4: You can’t do a decorating eCourse if you have no idea about decorating

The Decorate with Intention eCourse is designed to guide you through the decorating process no matter how much you know about decorating. Each module will walk you through a step-by-step guide to educate you on the fundamentals of decorating. Plus, the insider secrets only the experts know. You will walk away from each module feeling supported, confident and ready to tackle your decorating project. 

Want to be in the cool club and join me for 6 weeks of decorating fun? Sign up !

Everyone who signs up in the first week will get a FREE copy of my book!



If you’re about to begin planning a renovation then these simple steps could save you a lot of unnecessary stress and full-blown meltdowns like you see on . Renovating your home can be an overwhelming task to wrap your head around. So I’ve taken the time to share with you the key steps I give my clients before they dive into creating their dream home.

Step One | Gain clarity before you start  

If you’re renovating with your partner then now is the perfect time to get super clear on both of your needs and wants. Set clear expectations and decide on the designs and materials you would like to be used throughout your home. I always advise that clients decide on the overall design of their home first, as making changes during the renovation can become costly and set you back months with delays.

Step Two | Get the tick of approval from your council

This is an area I’ve seen renovators come unstuck with time and time again. It’s essential that you get the tick of approval from your council before you start your renovations. Give them a call and ask for the local regulations, to begin with. Then depending on your renovation plans, they will be able to advise you of the best plan of action.

Step Three | Build your dream team

Once you decide on the design of your home and get the green light from the council it’s time to hire your team of experts and trades. At this stage, it’s best to decide if you need a project manager. They will be able to organise the best trades in the correct order for you and manage the overall renovation.

If you choose to not hire a project manager, then I recommend asking around for recommendations on trades before you make your selections. Always ask to see a portfolio of work they have produced in the past, along with their licences and insurances to cover yourself in case something goes wrong in the process of renovating. You’ll be relying a lot more on your trades if you are project managing so you need to trust them.

Step Four | Time to go shopping

To reduce delays on your renovations I always advise that clients purchase any fittings, fixtures and aesthetic elements before beginning. Depending on your project a few things to think about could be your water systems, plumbing, tiles, floor coverings, tapware, wardrobes or fencing. The list really does go on, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed then it may be best to chat with an interior designer to run their professional eye over your ideas. This is a stage I help many clients with to give them confidence in their decisions and a clear understanding of how everything will come together. I provide them with a finishes schedule to hand straight to their builder to avoid any miscommunication around selections. If you’d like my help with this stage of your renovation journey then take a look at the services I offer here.

Step Five | Plan your timeline

Now is the time to plan out the sequence in which your project will run. My key piece of advice for this stage is to coordinate your project by trades rather than going through one room at a time. This will help your project run a lot smoother and save you from needing to bring back the same trades multiple times.

Whether you’re in the early stages of planning your renovation/new build or you’re full steam ahead in the depths of it, having an interior designer by your side can make the entire process run a lot smoother. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stuck or like you want to give up, then I would love to hear from you to help you through the next stages of your project. 

Take a look at my portfolio here and if you feel like I might be the right fit for you then you can discover more about my services and prices here. Sometimes a helping hand is all you need to gain the clarity and confidence you’ve been looking for.



With my Mentor Program kicking off this Thursday, 6th September I’ve received a lot of questions on whether the Mentor Program or 1:1 Teaching is better suited to you depending on what stage you’re at on your business journey.

To help you decide with confidence I’ve covered everything you need to know and I’m even offering a free 10-minute call with me which you can book in today to have all your questions answered.


  • You feel like your business is guiding you rather than you guiding it.
  • You’ve been running your business for a while but haven’t invested much time in the behind the scenes of your business and instead focused more on the creative side.
  • You want a way to achieve your goals quicker and are ready to put in the hard yards to make it happen.
  • You want to network with other inspiring creatives and build new connections.
  • You need a helping hand to achieve your BIG goals and would benefit from weekly group coaching calls to hold you accountable.
  • You’re looking for news ways to build your brand, convert customers, boost your profile and increase your cash flow.



  • You’ve got a million ideas but feel stuck when it comes to putting them into action.
  • You’re a few years into business and need help with simplifying your systems and processes.
  • You’d like something more flexible to suit your businesses needs right now.
  • You don’t have a lot of formal business training and you’re looking for someone to coaching you on specific areas of building your business.
  • You want to access a coach when it’s suitable for you and want straight-up business advice to steer you in the right direction.


Now if you haven’t joined yet, then now is the time to become part of . I designed this group for you to build your network, gain access to instant advice and make growing a business a whole lot more fun. So what are you waiting for?

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