Rugs As Art

Last week I visited a rug showroom with a client who is on the hunt for a new rug for her lounge room. While we were looking at samples I spotted this rug, I’d seen it a few times before online but in person it’s just amazing. If you had a rug like this in your lounge room, you wouldn’t need much else to make a statement! I quite like the idea of using a floor rug as the dominant piece of art in the room….

If you need help selecting a rug for your room fill in the form on the free furniture sourcing page and I’ll help find some options for you!


Emma x


Special Offer at Scallyoop

Isn’t this mouse table adorable!! The Mouse Table from Scallyoop could be used as a dining table for kiddies or a stylish activity table in the lounge room. For a limited time Scallyoop are offering free shipping to metro cities across Australia until Sept 30th. The sets were $804.50 and have been reduced to $499 so that’s a pretty good saving!

Emma x

Glasslands Terrariums

I keep meaning to make my own terrrarium for my desk but I just never seem to make the time. Fiona from Glasslands has created a cool new business where she custom makes terrariums for her clients. Might have to enlist her help! Here’s some insight into Glasslands and how it came about…

When and why did you start Glasslands?

Plants have always played an important role in my life.  I was fortunate to grow up next door to my lovely nana who had a beautiful garden established by her parents.  After so many years learning in and around gardens, recreating smaller versions is something that came naturally to me.

After owning a terrarium years ago, the thought of creating a more modern design has always been something I wanted to do.  I believe in trying to live with ecological sustainability at the heart of everything I do. I love working with infinitely recyclable glass, with soil and with plants. When I finally got around to making my first few terrariums last year the interest in them grew rapidly and I was encouraged to form Glasslands. 

What is your career background?

My professional background has been graphic design & film and television production.  Generally production roles in creative fields so it’s really nice to be fulfilled creatively myself now!

What are the best types of plants to include in a terrarium?

To put simply, cacti, succulents and grasses are well suited to open terrariums while ferns and mosses thrive in closed terrariums.  Airplants are fascinating and also work very well and require the least maintenance and look amazing!

How do you look after a terrarium?

A closed terrarium, which has been created to mimic a mini eco system requires no watering and just needs the lid removed occassionally if too much moisture has accumulated inside on the glass.

An open terrarium with succulents is best suited to a bright room with small amounts of water once a week in summer and once a fortnight in winter.  I always deliver glass droppers with instruction cards to encourage minimal watering.

What sort of pricing is involved?

Depending on the brief,design & products, Glasslands terrariums can range anywhere from $40 – $200+. 

Any tips for DIY terrarium lovers?

 1. the obvious would be to not overwater!

2. design your terrarium for the space it will live in.


(Enquiries: Glasslands 0438 507 977 and follow us on )


Emma x

Hand Drawn Wallpaper Designs

I met the Quercus & Co. wallpaper guys earlier this year as they’d just launched at a trade fair. Their designs are very different and I’m so into this wishy washy watercolour look at the moment. My favourite thing to do with wallpaper is to use it in unexpected places like the kitchen pantry, a tiny bathroom or inside a cupboard! Aren’t their designs just stunning?


If you’d like help selecting wallpaper for your home me here and I will source whatever you’re looking for!

Emma x

Fave Find: Dip Dye Storage

There’s about a million and one different uses for this little fella! Isn’t he cute???

Available from The Minimalist

Emma x

Flower Bomb Class with Megan Morton



Oh my gosh what a fun Sunday I had! Such a girly day with Jen. I’ve wanted to do the Flower Bomb class for some time and Jen and I finally got around to booking it in at The School . We turned up at 10.30 to get started and were greeted by the delightful Megan Morton (seriously, she’s awesome). Our teacher for the day was Holly Hipwell from The Flower Drum who was loads of fun and a super skilled bomber. We made our bombs whilst sipping tea and eating chocolate cake. YUM!

I’m inspired to make a million more in different patterns and colours. Mine turned out stripey which was kind of accidental (and as Megan pointed out, matched my top..) but I really like him! I’ve already been asked to make some for a friend’s party in October and Jen and I will be making loads for her wedding next year – they are relatively inexpensive to make too!

Flower bomb students Jen & Belle


The bomb's final resting place.

Emma x



Teen Decor Package



Remember I blogged about how I had loads of enquiries over the school holidays to help re-decorate teenager’s bedrooms? Well I’ve created the “Teen Decor Package“, a page specifically for re-decorating teen bedrooms and it’s a service available all across Australia, not just Sydney Metro.

If your daughter (or son) has been begging you for a re-do of their room (ie. switch out the Disney bed linen for something a little ‘cooler’) then I can help with the sourcing, selecting and arrangement of furniture etc. I can come and meet with you if you live in the Sydney Metro area or we can work via email to have the room re-decorated. It could even make a fun project for you to do with your teenager!

One client and I worked on her daughter’s bedroom as a surprise birthday present. Imagine how cool that would be if you were a teen girl, coming home from school to a BRAND new bedroom!

Emma x

Flower Bombing!

This Sunday Jen and I are going to Flower Bomb class at Megan Morton’s The School. Doesn’t it look like fun?!? There are still some free spots so if you’re in Sydney and looking for something fun to do this Sunday you should book in!

I’ll report back on Monday with some photos of my flower bomb.

Emma x

Adore Home Shop

Loni Parker, Editor of Adore Home Magazine recently added an online store to her Adore empire and if you’ve been looking for bright, fun homewares unsuccessfully, then Loni won’t disappoint. So many gorgeous goodies on offer, here’s my favourites…

Click here to go shopping!

Emma x

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