Massive Ikea Sale Today Only

Ikea Sale

Ikea is celebrating today’s special date and from 9.29am until 9.29 pm, they will be taking 29% off 229 selected IKEA products. Head to the website for more info and happy shopping!!

Emma x

Colour Scheming – Tropical Tango

I feel like we’ve been cheated this Summer in Sydney, but that’s not going to stop me from daydreaming of tropical styling. Pretty bold and bright huh?!

Tropical Tango Colour Scheming

Look Book Obsession

Anyone that knows me will know that I have a bit of a weakness obsession for decor books. They make the most fabulous decorative pieces and I think they dress up any coffee table or bookshelf instantly. Here’s my favourite decorating books that sit neatly on my side table and are read regularly!
Do you have a favourite decorating or styling book? I can always do with some more decorating books!


Book Selection


Emma x

Artist Profile: Lulie Wallace

One of my clients emailed me last week to tell me she’d found some gorgeous artwork and had to share it with me. I LOVE it when clients share new finds with me and I’m really loving these artworks by  (cool name too huh?!). Lulie lives in Charleston in South Carolina and strives for a balance of balance of uniqueness, character, and honest materiality in all her artworks. Click on over and take a look, there’s lots to look at!


Emma x

Apothecary Jar Obsession

Over the weekend I was putting together a wedding mood board for a friend of mine who is getting married in November and while I was searching for inspiration I kept coming across these gorgeous apothecary drink dispensers.. There’s something a little bit special about them don’t you think!?!

1, 2, 3,

Emma x

Hookturn Coffee Cup Winners!

BYO Coffee Cup

And the winners are…….

If you’re name is on the list please email me your details so I can have your brand new coffee cup mailed out to you asap!

Thanks again to everyone for entering, hopefully I will have some more goodies to giveaway soon!

Emma x

Etsy Store: Bold & Noble

I found English screen print company  on Etsy one day when I was searching for typography prints (my favourite type of print) and have loved their clever prints ever since. One day I’ll add one to my print collection one but I just can’t decide which one I like best!

Nest Print

, , ,

Emma x

Interview with Kellie from Ada & Darcy


If you haven’t already discovered , then you must, must, must check it out. I often recommend the site to my e-decorating clients because they ship all over Australia and have a gorgeous selection of goodies that aren’t available in most retail stores. You’ll find textiles, brightly colour decorative pieces, fabulous statement lamps and now a funky range of bar carts from Society Social! I thought I’d ask the owner Kellie some questions about the site and what motivated her to start her own homewares store and also the meaning behind the cool name!

Did you previously work in interior decorating or is this a new career change?

I actually have a background in banking and finance and have completed business degrees rather than design. I was always a creative person by nature although decided when finishing school a corporate career was a ‘sensible’ choice. Over time I realised that my passion was with things that played to my love for textiles, design and colours. I love fashion but didn’t wish to work in the industry (i’d much prefer to shop) but interiors and decorating i just loved when i started to dabble in it.

When did you start Ada & Darcy & what gave you the idea to start up?

I started Ada and Darcy just after my husband Luke and I got married which was back in December 2008. I started with my blog, testing the waters, wondering if anyone would firstly read it, and secondly, like the same thing I did. From there it just grew and I launched the store after a lot of planning.

Where did you get the inspiration for the name?

Ada and Darcy came from my grandmother who was left of centre for her generation. She was controversial, funny, fiesty and above all, was incredibly supportive with everything I did. Her name was Doreen Ada Darcy and since she was so pivotal in my life growing up, it was perfectly fitting for me to remember her through the name of the store.

You have a very stylish and colourful site and your products are so unique – describe the style of Ada & Darcy.

The style would be described as colourful, fun and absolutely feminine. I tend to love clashing textiles, vibrant pieces that can be moved around the home and items that people will ask you about if they see them in your home.

How do you decide which goodies to list on the site?

I make my choices often by what ‘feels’ right and has the x-factor in my mind (i shop for my clothes the same way). I tend to know now what my customers would like, so I always try to keep my customer base front of mind as well.

What is your most popular product on the site?

Possibly my cushions or foo dogs (I can never seem to keep them in stock for longer than a few days)! Our colourful rugs are also really popular too.

Do you think you’ll stick to online or plans to set up a store one day?

I would love to open a store one day. Right now, I’m focusing on growing the store and launching a wholesale line of furniture, textiles and lifestyle products called Mrs Darcy as well as about to distribute a US furniture range which is very exciting. Im always looking for the ‘perfect’ location which sadly I haven’t quite found yet.

Do you find a lot of customers are based in rural areas?

I have a mix of clients, some from the city and lots from more rural areas. I love working with rural clients as they often share their beautiful homes with me, it’s wonderful to hear how happy they are with their homes looking beautiful.

Favourite part of the job?

Sourcing beautiful products and packing them up for lovely customers.

Least favourite part of the job?

Things taking longer to arrive in stock than planned. I’m terribly impatient and like things being on time.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I probably should have left some hints out but here’s my round up of sweet Valentine’s gifts. Were you surprised with a Valentine’s gift today?


Celebrity House Tour: Courteney Cox’s Malibu House

Did you know that Courteney Cox wanted to be an architect but ended up an actress? She even started a degree but dropped out to pursue an acting career.

Although she hired an interior designer () to fit out the house, she was very hands-on throughout the process and I think it she has a great eye.
read more…

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