Hiring A Decorator


Earlier last year I wrote a blog post about hiring a decorator and it’s been one of the most read articles I’ve ever written so I thought I’d expand a little further on it today and give you a bit more insight into what it’s like hiring a decorator.

For most of my clients working with me is the first time they’ve worked with a decorator so I need to spend a bit of time showing them how the process works and easing any worries they may have about using a decorator (usually that’s mostly to do with the myth that interior decorators are expensive). I leave a welcome packet with each client I meet which details my office hours, preferred methods of , basic terms and conditions and a little diagram showing how the process works so they can check in at any time to see what’s next in the process.

Generally there’s about 4-5 steps in the decorating process and it’s relatively similar to if you were buying the furniture yourself except you have a helping hand making sure you’re making all the right decisions to keep your project on track.

Step 1. Meet & Greet

The initial consult is the get to know each other meeting. If you can do some homework prior to the initial consult you’ll get the most out of the meeting as possible. Show your decorator some examples of rooms and styles you like, have a list ready of the rooms you want help with, any furniture you want to keep and anything you’re desperate to get rid of. It’s also a good opportunity to discuss colours if you’re re-painting too and get instant feedback from a professional. Use the hour wisely, you’ll be working together quite closely as the weeks/month’s progress so share as much as you are comfortable sharing. I love meeting new clients and discovering all sorts of things about them and their families. Often no room is left unturned when I visit and I get a real insight into how the family lives. This then helps me create the best space possible for them.

Consultations cost anywhere between $200-$400 depending on the decorator. You can check out my pricing here.

Step 2. Mood Boards

After the initial meeting I gather as much inspiration as possible and start sourcing products that fit my client’s brief. I have a huge array of trade only suppliers I source products from that my clients don’t get access to. It’s no wonder people struggle to find the right furniture and homewares when there are so many trade only furniture suppliers. I spend a lot of my time educating myself on supplier’s products and quality standards so that I can source the best possible pieces for clients so when you’re paying a decorator to source products for you know that they have spent years honing their supplier database and sniffing out the best range of products for you.

I present all the items I’ve sourced to the client in form of a PDF mood board which shows all the items beautifully collated together to give the client an idea of how the room will look when it’s finished.

I always quote up front with a client how many hours are required to source the items we discuss in our initial meeting. For some clients, they don’t have the budget to get all the rooms done at once so they go room-by-room over a period of time. My hourly rate is $125/hr but you can expect to pay anywhere between $70-$300/hr depending on the level of experience the decorator has.

There’s usually a bit of back and forth about a couple of items before it’s all decided on and we can start ordering products.


Step 3. Ordering Products

Like I mentioned, I have access to a huge range of furniture wholesalers so that means I take care of the ordering and delivery of the items to my client’s homes. This requires a bit of back and forth between the supplier, me and the client. But it’s the fun part for my clients when their goodies start arriving and they can put their home together. I generally have all items delivered directly to the client to save on double handling costs if I were to collect it all and deliver in one hit.

Step 4. Styling

Once all of the pretty things have arrived I pop back in and style up a storm. This generally only takes  a few hours and not always necessary but a lot of my client’s find it helpful to have me come through and move furniture around to where it looks best in the space.


So what are the benefits of hiring a decorator?

  • We save you time – so many of my clients are time poor and wish they could wave a magic wand and fall back in love with their home again. I don’t have a magic wand but I do my best to make it look like I’ve waved a wand and jazzed everything up by the time I’m done.
  • We save you money – yes you’re paying a decorator’s fees but how many times have you had a piece of furniture delivered and had that pang of regret that maybe you should have gone for the other colour/shape/style? We’ve been there done that and made all those mistakes so we know what to look out for that could be an issue for your home/style and how to avoid it. Plus I pass on my trade discounts to you too so you can expect to save around 30% off retail pricing.
  • We deliver beautiful spaces – many of my clients are fed up with their space, sick of trawling the shops on weekends and just generally unsatisfied with how their spaces work for them. My job is to get you to fall back in love with your home and enjoy coming home to a beautiful space.
  • We act as a mediator and save relationships – Okay, that’s a little far-fetched I admit but you would be surprised how often I’m used as the mediator between husbands and wives who can’t decide on furniture pieces. I hear the phrase “Emma suggested this so we should do as she says” and that’s the end of the discussion 😉

If you have any questions about my services or want to have a chat about how I could potentially help you with your home shoot me an email for an obligation free conversation – [email protected]

Emma x

Autumn Look Workshops


Due to the overwhelming success of the last few workshops I’ve hosted this year I’m pleased to announce I’ve locked more dates and more locations for April, May and June! Whoop whoop! Please see details below of the upcoming workshops.


Friday 28th April 6.30 – 8.30pm – – Moorabin, VIC – to book click .

Thursday 4th May 6-8pm – – Dural, NSW – to book click .

Saturday 5th May 10.30am – 12.30pm – – Dural, NSW – to book click .

Thursday 11th May – 6-8pm – – Dural, NSW – to book click .

May – – Wahroonga, Sydney – DATE TBC – please email Avalon to register your interest – [email protected]

Thursday 1st June – 6-8pm – Hamptons At Home – Dural, NSW to book click .

Saturday 6th June 10.30am- 12.30pm – – Dural, NSW to book click .

We are keeping numbers tight on each workshop so that you get as much time with me as possible so spaces are very limited and we do have a waitlist for some of the workshops already.

What Happens At The Workshops?

Good question! We cover all the juicy decorating details like, where to find inspiration with your decorating project, what you can’t ignore when starting a project, how to keep your confidence up when you’re in the middle of a reno, the importance of lighting your home correctly and SO much more. We have plenty of question and answer time so you can bring photos of your home or plans for your renovations and we can work through any areas one-on-one that are troubling you. Plus there are snacks and treats too! It’s a fun morning of decorating and you’ll walk away with a head full of ideas to implement as soon as you get home. Signed copies of the book will also be available to buy at each workshop.

I will keep this blog post updated with any further details of the workshops too so keep checking back in. I’m hoping to host more workshops as the year progresses so if you’ve got a retail store that you’d like to host some workshops in please get in touch!

Hope to see you there!

Emma x

How I styled my Sydney book launch


What a night! It was so fabulous to host my friends, family and media s last week at private business club CUB in Darlinghurst.

I ummed and ahhed about hosting a book launch party for a long time and then decided that it was worth the effort and money to do it as I would probably regret not throwing a huge party to celebrate. I couldn’t let the release date pass without some sort of party so I embraced it and threw a big party.

It was a bit like when you are a child and you invite your entire class to your party and then sit and wonder if anyone will actually turn up. I was blown away when I made my speech looking around the room and seeing 50-60 of my favourite people in one place.


How I Styled The Venue

I use the CUB private business club most weeks for meetings or to work from so I was lucky to have a beautiful space that only needed a bit of styling and I could access the venue well before the event started and make a mess arranging flowers!

The book launch was on a Thursday evening so the day before I was up at 5am to go to the flower markets and purchase as many pink roses as I could find. I didn’t have a flower theme for the event, I just knew I wanted the flower to match the book and the roses at the markets kept appearing in the perfect colour combinations so roses it was. I also raced around ordering big balloons for the entry way and a few more vases from  (you can never have enough vases right?!) then to buy tissue paper to wrap any book purchases in and white paper bags.



I had already ordered a credit card reader to take credit card payments on the night to sell the book, candles and my stationery range with  so I was all set up and ready for books to fly off the shelves.

On the Thursday morning I was up early packing the car with props, flowers and all the books ready to take to the venue. I stopped and got my hair and make up done on the way in so I didn’t need to fuss about later in the day and then Alicia (my PR manager from ) and I picked up the balloons and headed to the venue to start setting up. We started putting the flowers together at about 3pm into all the vases and the lovely staff at CUB moved two beautiful mirrored bookshelves into the entryway ready for me to style up a storm. I roped my business pal into helping me set up the bookshelves and she did a fabulous job of collecting props and stacking the shelves with books. I varied the items on the shelves by mixing up horizontal stacks of books with vertical stacks of books, I grouped candles together and then popped the vases of roses in the blank spots. It all came together reasonably easily which was a win!


It was a bit of a pink explosion on the shelves, I don’t think I’ve ever been allowed to go SO rogue with pink ever in my life, it was so pretty!


Once the shelves were stacked with books I quickly got dressed and was ready to greet guests at the entry. One by one they all filtered in and my lovely friend Dorina came in holding the most beautiful tray of cookies she had baked for the occasion with the word HOME stamped into them and watercolour fondant in the same colours as the book. So much love!


We all chatted and mingled for an hour or so before Claire Bradley, editor of got up and introduced me to the crowd and then I had my turn thanking all the amazing people that helped me along the book journey. It was so nice to be able to publicly thank them and acknowledge all of their efforts. It might be my name on the book title but it wasn’t a solo effort to get it onto shelves.


After speeches were done everyone ran to the shelves to buy their own copies of the book for me to sign. It was so fun being able to write little notes in my friends books and to think that they’ll have it on their shelves with a personalised message for years.

We continued to party until late and kicked on with some family and close friends at the local pizza place! It was a bit of struggle to get up the next day and pack things up but it was worth it 😉

A huge thank you to Alicia for all her efforts helping me organise and set up the event, to Elyse for hustling like there’s no tomorrow for the entire set up and at the launch and a huge thank you to everyone who came along and supported me on the night, it was so magical to share the occasion with you all. As I said in my speech, often we only stop and celebrate achievements in our personal lives rather than business or career achievements so I wanted to stop and celebrate this milestone with my favourite people.

Although the book has now sold out on my website you can pre-order a copy via this link for delivery mid-April.

Emma x




Making The Book: See the illustrations

Home The Elements of Look

I have shared images of the front cover of my book a million times but I have hardly shared any peeks inside the book so it’s about time I showed you just how pretty it is on the inside.

How I Found My Illustrator

I’ve written previously about why I decided to have the pages illustrated rather than using photography but it’s time I told the story of how I found my illustrator, . Maddison and I met back in 2014 by chance one day when I was running a workshop in her sister’s store in Roma, she had come to help out at the workshop. Between workshop classes Maddison and I got chatting about business and decorating. I mentioned to her that I was starting work on a book for a publisher and needed to find an illustrator to bring the vision to life. She casually mentioned that she could paint and I’m sure she’s regretting ever saying that because I put her to work almost immediately!! Maddison lives in Brisbane and I am in Sydney so we had many phone calls back and forth about the project and I flew up to Brisbane a couple of times to work on the illustrations with her. Together we put together a huge list of illustrations (almost 100) that needed to be painted to suit the content I was busy writing. Every few weeks Maddison would send me photos of the progress she was making and I would squeal and drop my phone with excitement each time she’d message me. Maddison runs her own pet product online store , is working on a medical device with a couple of friends, works full-time at Coco Republic and still managed to find the time to paint for me. Oh and she’s still in her early twenties. Amazing right?!


Writing The Content

I had a 3 month time period to get the content and illustrations ready to submit to the publisher. I love procrastinating (I could write a book about how to spend your time procrastinating but I’d probably be too busy procrastinating to ever write it) so giving me a deadline is a very good thing. I think I wasted the first month thinking “yeh, yeh I’ll get to it soon”. Luckily I had worked out the table of contents for the book very early on prior to meeting with the publisher so I had the basic framework ready to go (I’d actually taken a lot of it from the workshops I run so it was rather simple to put together).  The 3 month writing period fell over a Christmas break so I took the chance to write over Christmas/New Year and got about 80% of the book content finished before I had to dive straight back into client work again. I found the whole writing process relatively easy which was surprising, I always thought writing a book would be tedious and drawn out. Having a deadline significantly helped that’s for sure and knowing the topic you are writing about back to front definitely worked in my favour! The biggest challenge was motivating myself to sit down and write. I wasn’t writing all day every day, it was more like batching. I’d sit down and write for hours and hours then not touch it for a week or so.

I roped my mum and a handful of friends into reading the first draft. Mum read the manuscript three times, marking up changes in red pen as she went. I’m very grateful for her editing skills because every time I sat down to read the manuscript I’d get too caught up in judging my own work I’d forget to check spelling and grammar mistakes!

Maddison finished her illustrations a few hours before the deadline to send in the finished product. Just like Uni assignment days! Off it went to the publisher and the next stage of the journey began. I’ll write about that journey soon. I think I’ve probably bored you enough by now 😉

The Illustrations

There are 11 chapters in the book and each one has a number of beautiful illustrators scattered throughout. One chapter that I spent a lot of time working on was the Home Office chapter. More and more my clients are converting spare rooms into a home office or study so I knew it was an important room to cover. Here’s a look at the opening pages of the Home Office chapter.

inside Home The Elements of Look


If you watch the book trailer here you’ll see a few more pages inside the book and if you follow me on I’ll be sharing more over the coming days.

I’d be delighted if you ordered a copy of the book here.

Emma xx

Hitting The Road: Book Tour

Home The Elements of Look

I’m hitting the road and I’m not coming back… Jokes….. I’m gearing up for one of the biggest months in my career to date. My very first book HOME hits bookshelves on 1st March and to celebrate I thought I’d get on a plane and fly around to some of my favourite stores and thank everyone for their support. It’s been a mammoth task (to say the least) to get this book out there in the real world. For so long it was just a word document in an ugly font and a Dropbox folder full of scanned illustrations from Maddison my illustrator. So to see it in the flesh is pretty damn amazing.

If you’d like to come and join us for some fun and grab a copy of the book see the details below.


Saturday 11th March – join me at the Tara Dennis store in Sydney’s Wahroonga, there are very limited spots available for this intimate workshop. To reserve a ticket jump over to Tara’s . If you haven’t already checked out her store you should, it’s absolutely stunning!

Thursday 16th & Friday 17th March – I’ll be setting up shop in my second home, Oaten’s store in Casino NSW (near Lismore/Ballina). You’re welcome to pop in at any time either day as I’ll be there working some styling magic in store. You can purchase a signed copy of the book too!

Saturday 18th March – come and visit me at in Benowa on the Gold Coast from 10-12pm. Pop in between those times and chat all things decorating and books!

Sunday 19th March – my lovely friends at are putting on a little celebration for the book in their gorgeous Brisbane store at 11am. Just mosey on over to purchase a copy of the book in store and to chat all things decorating.


Emma xx

Pre-Order Your Copy of Home

I’m so thrilled to announce that my book Home is officially now available to pre-order. It isn’t actually released until 1st of March however anyone who pre-orders through the site will be first to receive their copies from that date and I will even sign it for you! 😉 (What a draw card right?!)

I was lucky to receive my first author copy of the book in December and it’s been so difficult not to share a photo of it every day since then but the release date for the book is not until the 1st of March so I don’t want to bore you all with too many photos of the book until you can actually start purchasing it.

Where Is The Book Sold?

Because I have published the book with Hardie Grant Books the book will be available to purchase in all good bookstores across Australia as well as the big online book retailers,I can’t wait to walk into a bookstore and see my book on the shelf (a word to you all, if you see it on the shelf pull it to the front so it’s on full display please ;)).  I will also be selling the books directly from my website which means I can sign them before I pop them in the snail mail to you.

Book Trailer Video

My videographer Lisa Zhu and I spent a long time filming a beautiful trailer to show you a bit more about what the book is about in a thinly veiled attempt to encourage you to pre-order. Take a little look below to see the inspiration behind the book as well as some peeks inside – I might be biased but I think it’s the prettiest book I have ever seen.

from on .

In the coming weeks I will be rolling out some other exciting products I’ve been working on with and  but I won’t ruin the surprise just yet.

Pre-Buy Your Copy Here

Emma x



Introducing my book: HOME

Home: The Elements of Look

Home: The Elements of Look

It’s been a while since I’ve written a long newsy blog post but it’s been for good reason, I’ve been busy writing something else… My very first decorating book!

We are a little while off pre-selling this bad boy (official release date is 1st March!) but I wanted to share the story of how this whole book came about before I start pressuring you all to buy it 😉

This is hands down the longest, largest project I’ve ever worked on. It has been full of highs as well as some significant and trying lows. This all started back in 2014 but I hardly told a soul… Looking back now I realise that’s because the first book publishing opportunity ended on a bad note and clearly I had some sort of gut instinct telling me this or I would have been shouting it from the rooftops…

Never in a million years did I expect to be the author of a decorating book by the age of 30. In fact, when I first spoke to a publisher about writing a book I even said “I always dreamed of writing a book one day” and literally meant 10 years from now! I guess the universe had other plans for me and brought that goal forward significantly. I won’t bore you with the details of the first year of the book journey because it was a long and difficult process that resulted in exiting from the contract and starting from scratch with a new publisher. Everything happens for a reason though and thanks to a number of lovely people in the industry I landed a publishing deal with in February 2016.

How Did This Come About?

My vision for the book was for it to be a timeless classic full of decorating advice that follows a formula anyone can follow and something you could refer to for years and still be inspired by. This meant I wasn’t going to use photography. I’m an avid reader and have the largest collection of decorating books you could ever come across but one thing that bothers me is that some of my favourite books while the content is relevant and useful, the imagery is dated and uninspiring after a couple of years. So if I wasn’t using photography, how would I still have an engaging and useful interiors book…?


Illustrations tell such a different story to photography. They are evocative, expressive and not to mention, gorgeous to look at. My aim for the book is to spark creativity for the reader and inspire them to start a decorating project and watch their style evolve. I was worried that photography would mean readers would get caught up looking at the images and trying to find the exact same lamp/sofa/cushion for their own homes rather than using it as an opportunity to develop their skills. Illustrations allow for interpretation and they are also a timeless visual. Umm hello look at the cover, it’s beeeeautiful! (Biased much?!)

I had already started working on the book without giving much thought to who would actually illustrate the book… Luckily during a decorating workshop I was running in Roma QLD I got chatting to , who was helping out in the store during the workshop. I mentioned my book project to her and she casually mentioned she can illustrate. One thing led to another and before we knew it we were mapping out every single illustration in the book against my content plan. Maddison is based in Queensland so we worked a lot via email and hours and hours of phone calls pus a couple of flights up to see her work in the flesh to get the illustrations just right. Maddison took my vision and ran with it. Very rarely did we have to make any changes.

Maddison's work in progress

Maddison’s work in progress

What’s Inside The Book?

The whole framework for the book was based around the 5 elements of decorating I teach at the decorating workshops I’ve been running for a number of years now. It was relatively easy to come up with the table of contents based on the workshops and then I expanded on each topic from there. The book starts off detailing the 5 elements of decorating and then moves room by room through the home showing you exactly how to apply the elements to each room yourself.

I will be sharing some photos of the inside of the book in the weeks leading up to the launch on March 1st so check back soon for a behind the scenes sneak peek.

Was it difficult writing a book?

I never thought I was much of a writer. I wrote countless essays at university but always left it to the last minute and took full advantage of the +/- 10% word count rule (hint, I was always in the minus 10%!). Yet writing the content for this book was not a difficult task. I certainly had moments of procrastinating but overall I quite enjoyed writing all 30,000 words. I think when you’re writing about a topic you are passionate about it comes easily. I will admit proof reading my work was a real struggle. I much preferred writing than re-reading so I enlisted the help of my very patient and clever mother who read the manuscript at least three times in full marking up her changes and advice as she read before I submitted it to the publishers. (Don’t worry, I thanked her in the book so she knows how grateful I am!)

HOME: The Elements of Look

HOME: The Elements of Look

Team Effort

Yes the book has my name on it but it took more than just me to get this book on shelves! Obviously the book wouldn’t be anything without the help of Maddison Rogers and her illustrative skills. There were a number of other special people who helped keep me focused and motivated to get it written and I have thanked them profusely in person and in the book.

Having now gone through the publishing process with two different publishers I can’t speak highly enough of the team at Hardie Grant. It’s a difficult thing handing over your manuscript and illustrations and entrusting your vision to come to life with a team you hardly know but the team I worked with understood what I wanted the book to be and brought it to life 100 times better than I could ever have envisaged. So many of my friends who have seen the front cover can’t believe how much it epitomises my entire being: my design aesthetic, my portfolio of work, my personal style and every photo I post on .

You’ve probably lost interest in the story now so I’ll wrap it up for now.  A lot of people find the book publishing process fascinating (I certainly did) so I will share more soon.. I’ve been busy working on a super cute video to show you more of the book as well as a range of products with and . I won’t spoil the surprise yet but they are looking very very lovely so stay tuned!

If you’ve scrolled straight to the bottom, the book is released to all good book stores on 1st March. It will be available for pre-sale via this link very soon. You can enter your email address to be notified the second we are pre-selling!

Emma x

Freelance Interior Stylist Position Open

Freelance Interior Stylist at – Sydney


We’re looking to expand our team with the upcoming release of Emma’s first decorating book due to hit shelves in March 2017. Emma will be shifting her focus to the book launch for the first half of 2017 so we are in need of an interior stylist to meet face to face with our clients and work directly with them to deliver above and beyond their expectations. You will work directly with Emma as well as our Assistant Stylist. Emma will oversee all decorating work and Holly will manage all client orders and invoicing so you can focus on the fun part – decorating!

This is a very rare opportunity and a great role for an experience interior stylist looking to pick up some additional hours each week.

Interior Stylist Job Description

Our ideal candidate will have at least 2 years experience in the industry, a solid understanding of the wholesale interior design supplier s, run their own business or a freelance stylist/decorator with own ABN. You will be independent, organised and ambitious as you will be running all projects from start to finish from initial consultations with clients, choosing furniture and decor and overseeing client relations throughout the decorating project.

You will have:

  • Own ABN + Professional Indemnity Insurance – essential
  • Own car + valid drivers licence – essential
  • Modern, fresh and family focused eye for decorating
  • Ideally qualified in interior decorating/styling/staging or similar – ideal but not necessary
  • Reliable, well presented and personable with clients
  • Independent and confident working on their own
  • Intermediate computer literacy – specifically Microsoft Office programs + Photoshop (desired)
  • Experience in the industry and proof of previous work is absolutely essential.
  • Approximately 10-15 hours per week – will fluctuate throughout the year.
  • Can work your own hours during the week so would suit someone part-time employed or looking for additional hours per week.
  • Must be flexible with time and availability
  • Job start – early-mid Feb
  • Must be located in Sydney – ideally within 20km radius of Sydney CBD. Majority of work will be North Shore, Northern Beaches and Inner West.

Shortlisted candidates will be ed for a phone interview.

Please submit resume along with any portfolio images to [email protected].

Melbourne Workshop Announcement


A year after launching online eCourses, I’m excited to announce we are bringing the school to life at the beautiful showroom in Moorabbin, Melbourne on Friday 18th November.

Look your home is an exciting yet often daunting task. Simply moving into a new home is stressful enough, let alone thinking about how to decorate a brand new space. Whatever your decorating concerns the workshop will be beneficial for all stages of the decorating process. I’ve been teaching decorating workshops across Australia for a number of years now but haven’t made it to Melbourne yet so come and join me for a fun filled two hours to learn exactly how to turn your house into a home.

I will show you how to effortlessly put a look together, how to identify your style, teach you some general decorating 101 tips and tricks. You’ll walk away from the workshop with a mood board specifically created for a room in your home that you’d love to spruce up. And a head full of inspiration and ideas that can be put into action. All materials for the workshop are provided. Please feel free to bring along any photos of your home or floor plans to discuss your specific decorating concerns with me. PLACES ARE LIMITED (so that I am able to spend as much one-on-one time with each of you as possible).

Tickets cost $99 and include a welcome drink and yummy canapés as well as a $50 in-store voucher to use on the day (hello early Christmas present to yourself!)


Friday the 18th November
Location: 253 Wickham Rd, Moorabbin, VIC
Time: 6-8pm
Ticket: $99

Emma xx

United Interiors Showroom Shoot


United Interiors

I’m just back from a whirlwind trip to Melbourne where I styled up a storm at the brand spanking new showroom which officially opens to the public on Monday 18th July. United Interiors (formerly United Artworks) hasn’t had a physical presence until now so if you’ve been lusting after a piece of their gorgeous hand painted canvases you can pop into their Moorabin store and check it out in the flesh for yourself. I’ve got my eye on quite a few pieces now I’ve spent a day playing with them.

As well as artworks, you’ll also find some beautiful rugs from my lovely friend , a framed print range from The Block stars and a stunning range of homewares from . All of these collaborations worked so well together as I wandered around picking and choosing my props for each photo.

Emma xx

Photographer: Ren Pidgeon

Look Workshops in June


I’m getting set to pack my bags and head on up to in  for some brand new workshops – just outside of Lismore for those who aren’t familiar with the area. Don’t worry, I’m not packing my bags to hit up the pokies at Star City Casino 😉
I’ll be there for a few days (Thursday 23-Saturday 25th June) running various workshops from Look 101 classes to Vignette Styling Workshops where I’ll spill the secrets on how I set up cute little displays for photoshoots and how you can replicate them in your own home with your own pieces (like the one pictured above). I strongly encourage you to bring along a couple of your favourite pieces from home too so I can help you arrange them together beautifully.

I’ll also be in store for one-on-one consultations where we can plan your space, write up a to-do list to get your home reno or decorating plans back on track or we can walk the Oaten’s store and pick out some pieces to refresh your decor. If you’d prefer I come to you that’s fine too, I’m booking a couple of in-home consultations too.


Vignette Styling Workshop

Thursday 26th May
Friday 27th May
Class costs $39 per person.

Look 101 Workshop

Saturday 28th May
Class costs $149
Includes tea and treats.

To book a spot email Maree Oaten – [email protected] or head to the . We’ve had people travel from Brisbane, Byron and Sydney to attend so if you need help with accommodation or an other details let us know, we’re more than happy to help!
If you’d like me to visit your home town for some decorating fun send me an email and tell me where you’re located and I’ll see if I can jump on my magic carpet and come visit!

Emma xx


Who’s On My Speed Dial?

Speed Dial

As a solo business owner, I rely on a handful of other people and businesses to help me create beautiful homes for my clients. (Did I just shatter the perception that I CAN do it ALL?!). In my line of work there is never really such a thing as a decorating emergency because you can usually find a temporary solution to fix a problem (eg. using camping chairs as a sofa until the sofa arrives…) but I don’t possess every skill necessary to run a decorating business and that’s when I whip out my phone and scroll through my speed dials in order to find the right person to help me out. Often it might be a last minute request to style a catalogue or style a house for photoshoot and find a photographer – I might only have 2 or 3 days to call in products (or sometimes I will have less than 24 hours…!) So as you can see I need to have a number of people on speed dial to call up and ask for favours!

So, who do I have on speed dial to help me out?

  • – I seem to have a knack for forgetting to get flyers printed up before I jet off to my decorating workshops, thankfully Cassie’s always at the ready to save the day and get something designed and sent to me in time.
  • – 99% of the photos in my portfolio have been shot by Lisa. She’s one of the best in the business and she’s hilarious to hang out with too.
  • – If I’m ever in need of some rugs (um, hello ) art for a photoshoot these guys are my first port of call and somehow wave their magic wands super fast to get me my art requests on time.
  • – When a client’s home is finally finished off I send a little bunch of flowers to make the room that tiny bit sweeter! These guys deliver a gorgeous little posy of flowers to a huge range of suburbs across Sydney for just $30.
  • – These literally are the perfect gift for the person who has everything (and a hint to anyone reading this who thinks I’m hard to buy for, I would very happily accept one of these!).
  • – My go to fabric house, Warwick have great sofa fabric options and some really cool patterned fabrics for custom cushions and curtains. They send out up to 6 samples too so I’m always harassing emailing them to send my clients fabric samples.
  •  – When I’m hunting for beautiful cushions to adorn a client’s sofa this is where I head first. The Sparkk cushions are excellent quality, and come with the option to buy feather or poly inserts (always go feather!!). Oh and if you want custom wallpaper, these are the guys for you too.

Emma xx

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