Best of Houzz Design 2016 Winner


It’s safe to say I was more than chuffed when Houzz announced their Best of Houzz Design winners earlier this month and I was one of the lucky winners for the second year in a row!

Houzz is a fab website for homeowners looking for inspiration and style guides, I’ve got my portfolio set up on the site so jump over to check it out.  NB: I cannot be held responsible for hours you waste trawling through all the pretty things on Houzz!

Floral Styling Workshop – Roma QLD


Caution, loads of fun ahead!

I’m thrilled to announce the first floral styling workshop for the year will be hosted by Gifts at Teacup in Roma, QLD. See below for all the fun details and hope to meet some of you there!

Floral Styling Workshop:

  • Friday 15th April 6 – 8.30PM OR Saturday 16th April 1.30 – 4PM
  • Come along to Gifts at Teacup & view floral styling demonstrations, create your own & enjoy a few delightful treats!
  • Cost: $149 (Spaces are limited to 15 / workshop)
  • RSVP via phone 0746223993 or email [email protected]

Emma xx

Chic Apartment Tour: Inspired By This


Inspired By This Apartment Tour


To all the aspiring decorators and stylists out there, I’m going to let you in on a little secret….. Photographing your work is the key to marketing yourself and your business properly. It’s something I know I need to make time for in my business even though it’s a job I don’t get paid for as it’s purely for my own portfolio.

I’ll often almost finish a project with a client but perhaps their budget won’t allow for us to finish it all at once or they pack up and sell the home before it’s truly complete so photographing every single project I do is pretty impossible. But when a project is completed I always ensure I make time to take photos of it so I can show it off to potential clients to show the variety of styles I’m capable of, get the work featured in a magazine or blog and post it up on social media to share with my followers a peek into all the hard work I’ve put in to design the space.

One job I photographed a few months ago got it’s debut on one of my favourite blogs, Inspired By This in the US. I’m a tiny bit obsessed with US design blogs and websites so when the lovely ladies at IBT approached me asking if I had any projects that hadn’t been seen yet I knew this apartment in Mosman would be right up their alley.

So I guess you can say, making time to photograph that job definitely paid off!

Follow the link to check out the entire project.

Emma xx

Would you consider e-decorating your home?


Decor: hallway

Towards the end of last year I had a call from Elicia Murray, journalist for who wanted to know all about e-decorating and how the whole process works. Considering I am designing e-decorating mood boards for clients day in day out, I know the e-decorating world back to front and forget that some people don’t really know what e-decorating means.

Elicia interviewed me and one of my e-decorating clients Colleen. Colleen came to me with her floor plans for a brand new home she was building in Melbourne. She was stumped on the furniture placement and what to buy in advance for her house so that once the builders were finished she’d be able to move right on in with her family. I put together a plan for her and as soon as the builders were finished she was able to move in with very little hassle. It’s always a bit trickier for me to design a house without seeing any photos of what it might look like but once we’d made final furniture decisions and Colleen was able to get access to the house to wander through and imagine the pieces in place and also take measurements so we could ensure the items would fit nicely.

To read more about how I work remotely with clients to help bring their home to life and to hear about Colleen’s experience with Decor jump over to Domain.

Emma xx



My Art Predictions for 2016

As a buyer for my job is to source art for the online store and pick out new trends. Then, as a decorator I’m always looking at art for clients.  I’m not sure that one full working day passes by without me looking at artworks.

Most of my clients aren’t after high end gallery artworks, they just want something that will brighten up their walls, fit within their budget and last at least 5-10 years. I have my go-to art suppliers (some are wholesalers, others are emerging artists and others are online retailers) so I select from a pretty broad supplier and price range. I thought I’d do a quick round up of some of the trends I keep seeing as I do my client sourcing….


There’s something magical about a hand drawn piece of art. UK artist Erin Petson is one super talented lady, if you’re into the sketchy art look take a look at her collection, I bet you’ll find one you’re drawn to. She also does seriously cute pet portraits too.


Unicorn – Erin Petson


I love a dark and moody piece that dominates on an otherwise plain wall. I think that’s why I fell in love with Shaynna Blaze’s collection for Urban Road instantly. Shaynna’s collection is a mix of colour and fun interspersed with deep moody colour palettes. I find these pieces the most versatile as the colour palette tends to go with a broad range of furniture and decor than other art mediums.


Curtain Call – Shaynna Blaze for Urban Road


Australian Landscapes

I have a bit of a girl crush on Kara Rosenlund, I would swap my life for hers in a heart beat, she travels Australia taking the most exquisite photos of landscapes and just generally pretty things. How beautiful are her photographic prints?! If anyone is taking notes for Christmas yet, this one is high on my wish list.

Art Predictions for 2016

Hunting Hunt – Kara Rosenlund

Colour Colour Colour

I flit between loving colour and vibrance to wanting no colour at all and only using natural texture to tell a story in a client’s home. One artist who does COLOUR so well is, Prudence Caroline, I’ve followed her work for a while and she has an incredible knack for splashing colour around effortlessly. How fab would that piece look hanging in an entrance way greeting your guests?!


Seat 3E - Prudence Caroline

Seat 3E – Prudence Caroline


What are you loving in the art world right now?


Emma x


Painting with Pals

Taubmans Paint Party Planning 101 Infographic[5]

Confession time….. I seriously hate painting walls with a passion. To me it’s quite possibly the most tedious task you could ever ask me to do. This probably has a lot to do with my levels of patience but painting is just not a task for me. Taubman’s recently sent me a pretty cool kit that could persuade me to pull out the paint brushes this Easter Long Weekend though..

Did you know that the top 3 reasons people don’t paint their rooms are:

1. Lack of Time

2. Not knowing where to start

3. Wanting to do something more fun (umm yes, guilty over here)

The most interesting thing I found from Taubman’s paint survey is that  77% of respondents are keen to change the way their home looks. And 65% of people would be motivated to finally get started on their painting projects if they could also convince their mates to lend a hand. I definitely agree here, if I had some buddies to rope in I’d probably be more likely to get started on painting.

So Taubman’s has made it their mission to make this Easter your “paint party long weekend”, enlist the help of some friends and invite them over to make a party out of your re-painting project. Sounds like a much better way to get the job done to me!

Do you have a paint project you’ve been putting off? I’d love to hear your excuses about why you haven’t started yet (it might make me feel better about my bedroom that needs repainting!)

Emma x


Oaten’s Workshops – April

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 12.07.55 pm


I’m heading back up to Oaten’s Casino NSW April 16-18th to run some more super fun decorating workshops, teaching homeowners all about the principles of decorating, how to get started on the re-decorating process and how to pull it all together without losing your mind in the process.

This time I’ll also be spending more time one-on-one with clients wanting more detailed advice about their renovation or re-decorating plans.

For all ticket and workshop information email [email protected] or head to the website to book online.

Hope to see you there!

Emma x

Teeny By Incy Interiors

I had the pleasure of working with photographer Jacqui Turk a few weeks back to shoot a series of nursery set ups for Incy Interiors and their brand new cot and change table range “teeny“.  Jacqui took some sneaky snaps while I wasn’t watching so I thought I’d share what things look like before you get the final shot. Hint: a lot of lifting, crafting and re-arranging!

This was quite possibly one of my favourite shoots because everything was just so darn cute! And also the Incy team are so awesome to work with (they had no hesitation jumping in and painting walls either!).

Hard At Work

Hard at work with my assistant for the day Emily.

Shelf Styling

Shelf Styling

Final Shots!

Final Shots! Adventure playground for a little boy and Sophisticated Scandi for a gender neutral nursery.

Follow the link to the Incy website to see the gorgeous little girl’s nursery. The mini clouds I made are just too cute!

Emma x

2014 Mood Board Wrap Up

The end of last year has all blurred into one giant panic to get to the finish line and complete as many client mood boards as possible so that my clients could have their brand new rooms finished in time for Christmas and the season of entertaining. Here’s a little look at a few mood boards I finished off before the silly season began!


Mosman Living Room

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 10.31.49 am

Upper North Shore Contemporary Media Room

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 10.33.02 am

Bondi Apartment Living Room


Balmain Terrace French Provincial Master Bedroom

If you’d like some help re-decorating your home check out the services page to see which service works best for your needs!

Emma x

Australia’s Ugliest Living Room Revealed

A couple of months ago held a competition to find Australia’s Ugliest Living Room… After sifting through hundreds of submissions we found the ugliest… The home belonged to a couple who have been struggling to pay off their mortgage for the last 17 years and were so ashamed of how their living room looked they stopped inviting friends over years ago. Their very kind son nominated them and prayed that his parents would win. I can honestly say they were the most deserving winners. It’s not necessarily a title you would want to be the proud owners of but if you check out the pictures below I think you’ll agree that it’s worth it!

When I went for the site visit I chose the wall colour with the rest of team and then Haymes Paints got to work painting the entire room and ceiling – just seeing it with the furniture removed and a fresh coat of paint was amazing!

 I selected a fresh contemporary look for the furniture from The previous pieces were chunky and way too big for the space (not to mention very dated and well worn). The TV was also not in an ideal position so I flipped it over to another wall that then allowed for much easier traffic flow through the room. I can’t decide what my favourite thing in the room is but I do love that we were able to display as many pictures of the family as possible on the floating shelf as family was clearly very important to the winners.

1 adore home magazine the home makeover australia's ugliest living room renovation styling bright living space modern 2 adore home magazine the home makeover australia's ugliest living room renovation styling bright living space modernImages by Dara Tippapart via Adore Magazine.

For more details check out Adore Magazine and

Emma x

End of Year Wrap Up

It’s been a giant year… I’ve been on 24 planes this year and I’ve still got two flights to go before the year is out. I’m Sagittarius so I’m meant to have a strong desire to travel and travel I did this year! I’m secretly hoping to fly a bit less next year, but it’s already looking unlikely with numerous decorating workshops lined up for early 2015. Sign up to the newsletter if you are interested in attending a workshop as I’ll be running them in various locations next year.

Other exciting things that have happened this year:

  • Hosting workshops across the country – I’ve hosted more than 10 workshops this year!
  • Launching an amazing designer rug collection with Urban Road in August – I’m still obsessed with all 9 designs.
  • Designing the Incy Interiors first Sydney Flagship store in Chatswood Chase with Marj from Decor Project.
  • Been featured in a number of print and online publications, most recently a big feature in Adore Magazine.
  • Battled my serious phobia of public speaking and spoke five days in a row at Reed Gift Fair about the importance of visual merchandising. Won’t be rushing back to torture myself though.
  • Helping style a number of pages for celebrity interior designer Juliet Love’s book (to be released mid next year)
  • Completing a whole host of private residential decorating jobs and adding some great new work to my portfolio
  • Becoming a Houzz Contributor – once a month I’ll be writing content!
  • Transforming Australia’s Ugliest Living Room with into an amazing new living room! See the reveal here.
  • And on a more personal note, travelling to LA, Palm Springs & San Fran for an adventure of a lifetime with my besties.

Another year comes to a close but 2015 is shaping up to be even bigger, I’ve been working on three secret projects for the past few months and I haven’t been able to share anything just yet but in the New Year I will be able to reveal them one by one… One project has involved a bit of a facelift for the website and blog – I think you’ll really like it 🙂

I hope you all have a lovely, happy and safe Christmas and New Year wherever in the world you happen to be celebrating and I’ll be back in the New Year to share my exciting projects!

Nest Designs Christmas Graphics 2014

Emma x

How To Make A Christmas Wreath + Oaten’s Workshop Wrap Up

I’m back from my tripping about to rural NSW, we had so much fun making floral wreaths for Christmas. While I’m there I always spend some time with the local ladies needing a helping hand with the decorating process in their homes. I love chatting with them about their decorating dilemmas and helping them solve problems that they’ve had with their layouts or furniture for months (sometimes years!). I’ll be back again next year and hopefully I will be able to do some before and after reveals to show you how their properties have progressed.

 Usually the workshops are strictly business and focus on interior decorating but this time we wanted to do something fun for Christmas and making wreaths ended up being really therapeutic!! Here’s a peek at one of the wreaths we made in the class.

If you’re tempted to try your hand at wreath making I promise it’s not difficult to do! All you need is an afternoon to play + dodder vine (available at your local florist) that you twist together to make the wreath and then some floral wire to wire all the flowers in place. Easy! (hint: Australian natives are easier to work with as they’ll last longer).


Oaten’s Attendee Christmas Wreath. Photography by Tanika Blair

Emma x


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