Dear PRs and Brands

Dear PRs and Brands

An open letter to all of those PR agencies and brands who are wanting to work with bloggers.

Dear PRs and Brands,

I have only been blogging since 2014, which is nothing in comparison to many bloggers out there. However, over the past few years, I have learned quite a lot about collaborations and advertorial content. And I think we need to have a little chat if we are ever going to work together.

Although I thoroughly enjoy promoting businesses on a huge variety of topics and love working with agencies and brands like yourself, I have been feeling a growing frustration.


I admit that I have not known what a do follow/no follow link is until quite recently. But I am sure you know what it is and that’s why I often get specific requests to have do follow links in my content. However, I have come to learn that this will damage my Google page ranking and Domain Authority, which leads onto my next point.


In relation to do-follow links, I cannot fathom how anyone can expect a Domain Authority of 25+ when it is continuously requested that bloggers, like myself, are asked to insert do follow links. It’s a vicious circle. Our ranking is never going to grow the more do follow links we insert. Therefore, to improve this ranking of mine (although stats don’t matter to me but they sure do to you), I have now ensured my external links are no-follow.


When I first started blogging gifting was enough for me. I had very few viewers and receiving freebies was a great feeling. But alas, I began to find the more effort I put in to make the post worthwhile to readers and the brand I was promoting, the less I felt it was worthwhile to me. Sadly, a free item worth no matter how much doesn’t pay the bills. It certainly doesn’t pay for my time to make the effort to work with you and great content. You pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

I do find that is can also be an insult when there are bloggers who are told there is no budget for a campaign when others are promoting the same product and are using #ad and #sponsored in their descriptions. This means there is a budget, you have just decided to pick who you pay and who you don’t. If their promotion is worth payment, mine is too. If I am not worth payment, I am not worth being a source of promotion.


When us bloggers finally get offered payment from PR companies and, we can often feel a little offended. Personally, I don’t like to be paid on my followers. I like to be paid based on the work I do as well as stats. So, if you don’t think my stats are enough, at least calculate a number of hours it would take you to write, photograph/edit photos, schedule social media, proofread, more editing and further promote posts.

For overseas payments, please also consider the conversion rate and any PayPal fees 🙂


It is the LAW for me to disclaim when I have been paid. So I will always state that our working together is a collaboration. Don’t ask to hide this information.


I do love working with PR companies. Many are incredibly friendly and understanding whilst others aren’t. I hope that you will understand my views on this issue that many bloggers face.

Let’s work together if you still want to that is haha!

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