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Dressing Up Your Windows Inspo

Windows are pretty much forgotten when decorating. Other than considering how much light they let in, we don’t really try anything else with them. And although I haven’t had a chance to dress my windows up with anything other than curtains, I have been scrolling through Pinterest at window dressing and boxes etc. I thought I would do an inspiration post for those who are looking to dress up their window space.


Depending on the room, blinds and curtains can become a part of the overall theme. For example, a kids bedroom could be themed as their favourite film. So instead of paying for a decorator to do murals, accessorise the bedroom including the windows! have a range of and blinds.


Curtains and blinds are much easier to take down and replace should tastes change. They’re not permanent and are rather inexpensive when wanting to change up your window’s look. And it really can make a whole room. Below are some designs that I fell in love with on Pinterest.



I have always been blown away with what people can do to the most obscure areas of their home. Interior design is not something that should be scoffed at, especially when what was once useless space is created into an area for storage. This window space has been made into a little area for a dog bed and shoe storage, keeping everything tucked away neatly.

Not only can you make windows into storage areas for bits you want to hide away, but some people use window spaces as a nook for their desk. This is a great way to create more room as the desk is nicely tucked away aka no more walking into corners!


Of course, you don’t need to redo your window space entirely to make it an integral part of your home decor. For me, the simplest way to dress up a window is by using the window sill as a display. Add flowers, ornaments and photo frames as an extra way to show your loves, interests, and hobbies! Of course, you could also have window boxes outside so that when the flowers bloom, your window will be full of colour.


Probably the most difficult and permanent way to dress up your window but it’s also the most impressive! I think window seats are adorable! So cosy and perfect for snuggling up with a blanket, listening to the rain, reading a book, and drinking tea! Oh and they are also great for storage solutions too. Many window seats have areas underneath for books, toys and more! There are plenty of tutorials online that will help you out.


Inspired to dress up those windows?! 


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