Tips on How to Work From Home Effectively

When I started to work from home I was terrified that I was going to be completely out of my comfort zone. For the past four years I had been working nine-to-five in an office environment and suddenly I was going to be working from my own home (or wherever else I liked!).

Surprisingly, I fell into it rather well. Now, I was able to work at the pace and in any environment which suited me best. But there were a few things I needed to make sure of…


Your environment is a key part of productivity. That means you need to be comfortable with your surroundings. If you are more productive on the couch, in a study, in bed or in a cafe, go there to work.


may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I can often get the creative juices flowing with some Mozart or Rachmaninoff. If you’re not into the Classical stuff, perhaps trying Original Soundtracks from your favourite films or games.  It has been proven that music increases performance, especially instrumental music. Give it a try!


Tea, coffee or water, it’s a good idea to keep fluids nearby to hydrate or just to give you a caffeine boost. Just make sure the containers are lidded – you wouldn’t want to break your computer with cappuccino!


Just in case you get a call from a client or your colleagues from the office keep a notebook, a diary and a pen nearby. It makes you seem more professional. You can then jot down all the details of your conversations easily without embarrassing yourself by being you’re unprepared.


It’s handy to have a work phone and a business account on the laptop.  Keeping personal and work life separate means no social networking or text messages can get in the way of what you’re trying to get done.

Take advantage of the flexibility. Work in the garden for two hours, go for a run, have lunch and then do more work. As long as it can be done, it doesn’t matter where.

Do you work from home? What advice can you give others? Drop me a comment to share your tips!

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