Taking Blog Photos with Your iPhone

Taking Blog Photos with an iPhone

We aren’t all fortunate to have an amazing DSLR camera to take blog photos with. And if you’re a fashion or beauty blogger, those kinda cameras are much more desirable as they create a better look and feel of the products. But it isn’t essential to have. Especially as a lifestyle blogger. All you really need is an iPhone… Or any phone really. But there are some tips to get the most out of your images.


When taking photographs the key is lighting. Always. This is the most significant thing, especially when you’re using your phone.

Try to avoid electric lights as they can create a yellowy hue, but we can fix that with apps, which I will show you shortly.


Taking Blog Photos with Your iPhone

Pretend you are using a professional camera. Use the same composition, good lighting and snap, snap, snap. You can always edit the image after.

Just because the image is taken on a phone it doesn’t mean it cannot be beautifully composed. Just ensure you have plenty of natural light where you have your props to ensure the best quality.


Editing is possibly the most fun part of photography. The apps I use are:

  • Snapseed – Selective edit to adjust shadows in certain areas.
  • A Color Story – Pop filter is perfect for brightening whites and giving the image a burst of colour.
  • Facetune2 – Whitening tool to reduce the yellow hue on the image.
  • VSCOcam – HB1 or HB2 filter has a great white and neutral tonality to it. I often add A Color Story filters to add a touch of colour back to the photo.

These all have features that are wonderful for editing iPhone images. I also smooth the images to slightly reduce any grain, sharpen a little bit and then add clarity to give the picture some depth. But it all depends on what you want from you blog photos!


As I mentioned, unless your blog is photography focussed, don’t worry too much. I often use my iPhone to take photos for my blog. Sometimes I even use stock images. But don’t panic. It’s all about your writing and what you have to offer with words!

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