Weekly Movie Round Up

Weekly Movie Round Up

Amy came up with the idea of doing movie reviews for films we love, past and present. Which I thought was a fab idea! So, whilst Amy will be sharing full reviews of films she feels warrants a review, I will be doing weekly movie round ups sharing what I have been watching this week. This can be in the cinema, at home, old films I’ve seen before or new releases. We hope you’ll enjoy this kind of post and be inspired to watch some of these movies!

LOGAN (2017)

Personally, I really enjoy the X-Men movies. And Wolverine is the ultimate. Sadly, the films kinda spiralled into different dimensions confusing the hell out of me. Nonetheless, I like watching them.

When I saw the trailer for Logan I didn’t know what to expect from the film. However, when Paul and I went to the cinema to see it I saw why it had such hype. Not only do we get to discover more about Logan, what happened to Doctor X and the future of the diminishing mutant race but audiences are entertained. It’s raw, pretty bloody and entirely brilliant. This is no longer like the childish comic-type movies that X-Men once was (sorry not sorry) I won’t spoil anything for you but there is a hell of a lot of emotions throughout the film.

And even if you aren’t a major fan of X-Men, Logan stands on its own two feet.


VERTIGO (1958)

This was one of the first Hitchcock movies I ever saw and is in my top 5. It sticks to Alfred Hitchcock’s theme of suspense.  There’s no need for pure gore and horror but an ‘edge-on-your-seat’ uncomfortable, which Vertigo provides.

James Stewart plays John, a former detective whom, after witnessing a police officer fall to his death in an attempt to save, John, suffers from Vertigo. He is hired by an old college friend,  Gavin Elster to discover what is behind his wife (played by Kim Novak) Madeline’s strange behaviour. But John gets a little deeper than he had intended.

I am always creeped out by this film probably more than any Hitchcock film for that matter. The “special effects” are a little dated but the still provide the freakishly disturbing atmosphere Hitchcock is famous for!



I could watch this movie repeatedly. I just love it!

Starring Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell, the two play unlikely showgirl best friends. Marilyn as, playing the ever so beautiful, apparently dumb blonde Lorelei Lee is on her way to Paris to be married to her millionaire fiance, Gus. However, Dorothy Shaw is her chaperone for the trip until Gus can convince his father that Lorelei is right for him.

But it’s not all sugar and spice, as the girls are being spied on by a private detective hired by Gus’s father. Whilst crossing the ocean, Lorelei tries to get her hands on some goodies whilst Dorothy does the same, but a lot less shiny!

The songs are perfectly camp, the costumes stunning and the comedy timing is perfect. And who can forget that wonderful Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend number?!



I didn’t have very high hopes for this because I have been forever disappointed by Kong films. But alas, when you own a Cineworld card it is only right that you see films whether they tickle your pickle or not.

The story is a-typical for a Kong film. Angry men go to destroy an oversized animal. But the female, in this case, the wonderful Brie Larson, is both bad ass and hardly the damsel in distress.

Although the special effects were absolutely out of this world and it caused me to jump more than three times, that’s all I can really say about it. I like the twist in the story which a change up from the one we know. But as with King Kong (2015), it didn’t have much dimension to it.

This isn’t a film I’d watch again however entertaining it is!


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